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    Today's job market requires workers to have more education and skills than ever before. Plus, a bachelors degree holder earns around $271 more per week than someone with an associates degree - that's a new car every other year!
    You can go two years for the price of one. Maysville Community College (MCTC) offers many courses toward a bachelor's degree and lower tuition rates, so you can save money by earning your associate degree at MCTC before you transfer.
    Research shows that students who complete their associate degree before transferring are more likely to earn their bachelors degree in less time.
    Kentucky has statewide policies to help your general education courses transfer and make it easier to transfer after you complete an associate degree.
    MCTC transfer students are very successful and perform at either the same or higher academic level after transferring to a four-year institution than students who start at a university.

Info graphic showing Labor Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing how education level correlates to high median weekly earnings for the year 2015.The MCTC Transfer Center offers individual advising to help you decide what is best for you! Learn more about the possibilities at our Transfer Center Events, which include a statewide Transfer Fair, a Transfer Week, visits from four-year institutions, and much more!

KCTCS system-wide transfer agreements have been established with four-year institutions to create a pathway for students who plan to complete a baccalaureate degree. Students and advisors may use this information for academic planning and a list of agreements is available online.

You can view the Transfer Equivalency System to find out what courses will transfer. At KnowHow2Transfer you will find more information about how to transfer and gain access to transfer planning tools to help you through the process.



For more information please contact:

Marty Muenks
Transfer Coordinator
(606) 759-7141 ext. 66410

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