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Barnes & Noble College at Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) has two bookstore locations to serve our students.

The Maysville store, located in the Calvert Center of MCTC Maysville Campus, serves students taking classes taught through both the Maysville and Licking Valley Campuses. At the Maysville Campus online bookstore you can place an order, see pricing, hours of operation, or obtain a prepaid rental return label.

The Rowan store, located at the MCTC Rowan Campus in Morehead, KY, serves students taking classes through both the Rowan and Mt. Sterling Campuses. At the Rowan Campus online bookstore you can place an order, see pricing, hours of operation, or obtain a rental return label.

Taking online classes taught through multiple campuses but don't want to place orders through multiple locations? The KCTCS Distance Learning Bookstore is your one stop shop.

Download the My College Bookstore app for free from both the iTunes and Google Play stores. Shop, set up rental return reminders, see promotions, and contact us, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Go to

Select either KCTCS Online or your home campus.

Locate the "Course Materials & Textbooks" tab in the banner or Course Materials Concierge.

If using the "Course Materials & Textbooks"
tab select Find Course Materials. If using the Course Materials Concierge
select Search Now.

In the "Click here to choose your campus" dropdown select the campus your course is
through or KCTCS Online/Distance Learning (Please note some course have material that
can only be ordered through the campus bookstore that the course is through).

Select term -> Select department -> Select course # -> Select Section (Please Note that this information can be found on your class/course schedule)

Select Retrieve Material.

Add items to cart (material will indicate if it is required or not for the course).

Select checkout.

Create Account, Sign in, or checkout as Guest.

Select shipping or pickup method for materials.

Enter Payment Method (Credit/Debit Card, Student Financial Aid, or Paypal)
If selecting Financial Aid, enter in Student ID#
(A credit card will be needed on top of the Financial Aid for rentals)

If using VA please select the Financial Aid option. Enter in Authorization number in place of student ID#

Once completed with the checkout process an order confirmation number will be created. Please record this number as it does help if any issues arise.

What is needed to use financial aid at the bookstore?

  • Photo I.D.
  • Class Schedule/Student I.D.#
  • Authorization# (VA students only)

When can Financial Aid be used in the

Typically the week before the start of
class through the 2nd week of class.

Is a voucher needed?

A financial aid voucher is only needed,
with a couple exceptions, for the Spring II,
Summer II, and Fall II terms.

Is Financial Aid available for
use on the online bookstore?

The Financial Aid payment option is available for use during the Financial Aid periods in January, May, and August.

What is needed to use Financial Aid in the online bookstore?

  • Student I.D.#
  • VA students will use their authorization# in
    place of their student ID#

What is needed to search for textbooks?

  • Department
  • Class
  • Section# (ex. HIS 109 40Z1)

Additional Bookstore Information

What are the bookstore's hours?

Bookstore Hours can be found at by selecting
the appropriate campus and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

What products does the Bookstore offer?

We carry textbooks, school and office
supplies, electronics such as laptops,
calculators, and Bluetooth speakers, school spirit apparel, and more.