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Students: You may contact the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center for 24/7 assistance with Admissions, Billing, Blackboard, Financial Aid, Passwords, Records and Registration by calling 855-469-6282.

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Admissions and Recruitment:

Licking Valley Campus: Lauren Mattox, 859-234-8626, EXT 66436,

Maysville Campus: Sabrah Pfeffer, 606-759-7141, EXT 66185,

Maysville Campus: Jason Butler, 606-759-7141, EXT 66138, 

Montgomery Campus: Skylar Logan, 859-499-6282, EXT 66528, 

Montgomery Campus: Natalee Brown, 859-499-6282, EXT 66503, 

Rowan Campus: Christy Kissick, 606-783-1538, EXT 66340,


Licking Valley Campus: Beth Weiss, 606-759-7141, EXT 66164,

Maysville Campus: Beth Weiss, 606-759-7141, EXT 66164,

Montgomery Campus: Vicky Oney, 606-783-1538, EXT 66365,

Rowan Campus: Vicky Oney, 606-783-1538, EXT 66365,

Business Office (Student Billing):

Licking Valley Campus: Debbie Gill, 859-234-8626, EXT 66406,

Maysville Campus: Robin Mingee, 606-759-7141, EXT 66213,

Montgomery Campus: James Crouch, 859-499-6282, EXT 66506,

Rowan Campus: Amy Konopka, 606-783-1538, EXT 66315,

Disability Support Services:

All Campuses: 606-783-1538, EXT 66271,

Financial Aid:

Licking Valley Campus: Kathy Linville, 859-234-8626, EXT 66403,

Maysville Campus: Shannon Lightner, 606-759-7141, EXT 66135,

Montgomery Campus: Maggie Todd, 859-499-6282, EXT 66515,

Rowan Campus: Jessica Sorrell, 606-783-1538, EXT 66309,

IT Help Desk:

Go KCTCS! Student Service Center: 855-469-6282

Licking Valley Campus: Jack Ginn, 859-234-8626, EXT 66435,

Maysville Campus: Chris Morris, 606-759-7141, EXT 66273,

Montgomery Campus: Hayden Ewers, 859-499-6282, EXT 66599,

Rowan Campus: Brett Cable, 606-783-1538, EXT 66304,

Media Contact:

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Brady Shultz, 606-759-7141, EXT 66519,

Registrar's Office:

Licking Valley Campus: Lori Gaunce, 859-234-8626, EXT 66405,

Maysville Campus: Isaac Klee, 606-759-7141, EXT 66184,

Montgomery Campus: Skylar Logan, 859-499-6282, EXT 66528,

Rowan Campus: Anita McCoy, 606-783-1538, EXT 66314,

Transfer Center:

All Campuses: Marty Muenks,

Workforce Solutions:

Director of Workforce Solutions: Lenora Kinney, 859-234-8626, EXT 66419,

Licking Valley Campus: De’Sarae Perry 859-234-8626 EXT 66152

Maysville Campus: De’Sarae Perry, 606-759-7141, EXT 66152,

Montgomery Campus: Herb Triplett, 859-499-6282, EXT. 66511,

Rowan Campus: Cindy Hurt 606-783-1538 EXT 66328

Don't see the person you're trying to contact? Visit our directory for a complete list of faculty and staff.

Suggestion Box: 

Maysville Community and Technical College is committed to continually seeking to be different, better and purposeful for our students and community.  We desire to provide the highest possible quality of support and service. You can assist us in efforts to improve. Please feel free to submit feedback on interactions with our college faculty and staff, suggestions for additional services, concerns about ongoing issues, compliments on your experiences with MCTC, or other suggestions about college operations on any of our campuses. Including your name with your suggestion is strictly optional. Unless you self-identify, your identity will remain anonymous.   However, if you provide us with your name and contact information, we may follow up with you to both ensure we understand your suggestion and let you know how we have acted upon it. Thank you for your feedback!  We take all suggestions seriously and respectfully request that you do the same.