Campus Safety and Security | MCTC

Campus Safety & Security

Emergency Procedures

In case of emergency, get safe, call 911, then call 66357 or 66510 and report the situation from any campus phone.

Fire Alarms

If the fire alarm sounds, everyone should walk immediately to the nearest exit and move approximately 200 feet away from the building. Remember to use stairways, not elevators. Do not re-enter the building until fire fighters or MCTC staff indicate it is safe to do so. Each student is responsible for becoming familiar with exit locations.

Tornado Warning / Other Emergencies

If a tornado warning is given, seek tornado shelter areas on your campus.

Medical Emergencies

In case of a serious accident or illness, call 911 from any campus phone. Since there is no health service in the building, students who become ill may ask any employee to notify a relative, friend, or call an ambulance. For students too ill to make a request, an ambulance will be called. If an ambulance is called, the student will be responsible for any resulting ambulance and/or medical fees.

Reporting Crimes

Report to Jeff Stevens, Security Coordinator, (606) 783-1538 ext. 66357 or (606) 694-6400, or  Kevin Willoughby, Safety/Security Officer, (859) 499-6282 ext. 66510 or (606) 356-0003

MCTC Annual Security Report 2020

Lost and Found

Maysville Campus: See Pat McHugh (ext. 66100) in Administration Building, A259

Licking Valley Campus: See the front desk (ext. 66400) in the Administrative Office, Room L203

Rowan Campus: See the front desk (ext. 66300)

Montgomery Campus: See Rick Douglas (ext. 66502)

Training Offered to Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Active Shooter Response
  • Stop the Bleeding
  • Self Defense

For more information or to schedule a class, contact Jeff Stevens at (606) 783-1538 ext. 66357 or Kevin Willoughby at (859) 499-6282 ext. 66510