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Campus Parking


At Maysville Community & Technical College, all student and employee vehicles are required to have a college issued parking permit. The cost for a parking permit is included in your tuition fees. You can get your parking permit from any of our campus locations. Handicapped parking spaces are available on all of our locations. If parked in a restricted area such as the loading docks, handicapped parking spaces, or unmarked areas you can be fined $10 and towed at the owner's expense. The speed limit on each campus is 20 mph, and 5 mph on the parking lots. Always pay careful attention to pedestrians in parking lots and crosswalks.

Licking Valley Campus Parking

You can obtain a parking permit in room L-203. General parking is available with guest parking and handicapped spaces in front of the building.

Maysville Campus Parking

Parking permits are available from the switchboard in the Administration Building in room A-259. General parking is available in lots A, B, C, D, and beside the Science Building. Handicapped parking spaces are available in the Science Building parking lot, lot C, Lot D, and directly behind in the Technical Building.

Montgomery Campus Parking

A parking permit can be obtained in the main reception area. Parking is available and designated for students, employees, and handicapped parking is also available.

Rowan Campus Parking


You can get your parking permit from the main reception area. General parking is available for students and guests. Restricted parking is available for employees as well as handicapped parking.