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Student Well-Being

MCTC is committed to supporting the well-being of our students. The Student Well-Being Team helps students in personal distress overcome non-academic barriers to college success through confidential consultation and connection to resources both on and off campus.

Through coordinated well-being check-in text messages and phone calls, student self-referrals, and faculty and staff referrals, the Student Well-Being Team will:

  • Help students determine their eligibility for public assistance. Students can complete this short Community Needs Questionnaire from MCTC partner, The Family Scholar House, to find out what benefits they may qualify for, including:
    - SNAP
    - WIC
    - Medicaid
    - Health insurance assistance
    - Childcare vouchers
  • Connect students struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, or substance abuse to local mental health providers and/or 24/7 online peer support services.
  • Connect students who have been hurt by dating violence, stalking, or sexual assault to a Green Dot Victim’s Advocate.
  • Provide food and household items through the Food for Thought on-campus food pantry. 
  • Accept applications for Student Laptop Requests, as available
  • Provide financial help, as available, for unexpected financial emergencies.
  • Host events and workshops to promote student well-being and academic success.

Do you need help?  

Complete this form if you would like a member of our Student Well-Being Team to contact you.

If this is an emergency situation, do not submit a form. Please call 911 immediately.



Do you know a student who needs help?

Behaviors of concern might be observed in a number of settings: in the classroom, at a student service office, at an on-campus job, or during participation in a school activity. By reporting behaviors that are concerning, the Student Well-Being Team will reach out to intervene, provide support, and connect the student with resources that can assist them.

Complete this form if you are concerned about a student’s well-being and would like a member of our Student Well-Being Team to contact them. Once your report form has been reviewed, you may be contacted by a team member for more information if needed.

If this is an emergency situation, do not submit a form. Please call 911 and then notify Campus Security, Campus Director, and/or a Chief Officer for help.


Food for Thought: Student Food Pantry

The MCTC Food for Thought Food Pantry was created to help address student hunger and is made possible by generous donations from our faculty, staff and students and local grants.

To ensure the safety of our employees and students, you can now schedule an appointment to pick up pre-bagged groceries.‌

Students are limited to one appointment, per month and must present a Student Photo ID when picking up groceries.

Campus Locations:

Licking Valley Campus: Room L-103 (Faculty Suite)

Maysville Campus: C-105 (Student and Family Resource Office)

Montgomery Campus : Room 211 (Student Success Center)

Rowan Campus: Commons Area (Near vending machines)


Please fill out the Request Form below and select an appointment at the MCTC campus closest to you.

MCTC Student Food Pantry – Online scheduling (

OnceHub – Free Online tools for Scheduled Meetings, Live Chat and Instant Calls
NOTE: Please schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Supplies are limited and requests are filled on a first come, first served basis. We will do our best to fulfill every request.