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Maysville Community and Technical College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Maysville Community and Technical College. 

Note: The Commission is to be contacted only if there is evidence that appears to support an institution's significant non-compliance with a requirement or standard.

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Maysville Community & Technical College Substantive Change Policy and Procedure

Responsible Unit:  President’s Office

Reference: December 2018 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, Policy Statement on Substantive Change For SACSCOC Accredited Institutions, Kentucky Community and Technical College Board of Regents Policy 4.11, KCTCS Curriculum Development and Rules Approval Process Manual

It is the policy of Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) to be in full compliance with the substantive change policy and procedures of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). All academic and administrative areas of the College are governed by this policy.  All programs and services of the College wherever located and however delivered are subject to this policy.  The type and scope of the substantive change determines how far in advance notification must be given to SACSCOC and whether or not a prospectus must be submitted.  

All information regarding possible substantive changes is submitted to the SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison (the Associate Dean of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness) for development of a letter of notification and, if needed, development of a prospectus. This material is then sent to the President of the College for review and submission to SACSCOC. In all cases, approval must be received from SACSCOC prior to the implementation of a substantive change. Additionally, program information is submitted to the Director of Financial Aid who forwards it to the Department of Education so as to be in compliance with federal Title IV regulations. 

The timeline for submitting information for actions which can constitute a substantive change on the part of the College is as follows:

Protocol for Submission of Information Related to
the Most Common Substantive Change Actions
Type of Action Timeline for Submission to Accreditation Liaison Person Sending to Accreditation Liaison SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy Procedure
Approved New Academic Program (significant departure from existing programs) Six months prior to implementation

KCTCS Office of the President

Procedure 1
Additional Off-Campus Sites

25-49%-One month prior to the start of the semester during which the site will be added

50% or more-Six months prior to the start of the semester during which the site will be added

Any Team Member Procedure 1
Program Closure Three months prior to implementation Any Team Member Procedure 3

For SACSCOC procedures on all types of substantive change, please reference the SACSCOC Policy on Substantive Change at

In order to facilitate the flow of information regarding actions leading to a substantive change notification, a Substantive Change Team has been established and consists of the following individuals:  

Substantive Change Team

Charge: Identify any and all substantive changes for the college and address the substantive change with letters/prospectuses.

Members: Appointed by the President

  1. Pam Stafford - MYC - Institutional Planning, Research, & Effectiveness/Chair
  2. Lisa Back - RC - Finance & Facilities
  3. Brittany Corde - MYC - Director, Workforce Solutions
  4. Sonja Eads - MYC - Library Services
  5. Jessica Kern - MYC-D - Chief Officer, Enrollment & Student Services
  6. Angela Fultz - MYC - Faculty
  7. Rebecca Morton - MC - Campus Director
  8. Emily Thurman - MYC - Academic Services 


This team shall meet as needed to ensure the timely submission of information for substantive change reporting. The team will review this policy each year to ensure its effectiveness in complying with SACSCOC substantive change requirements.   

Questions or clarification regarding this policy should be directed to the SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison (Associate Dean of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness).