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Programs of Study: CIP Code List

Academic Programs of Study Credentials Classification of 
Program (CIP) Code
Advanced Integrated Manufacturing
Ammonia Refrigeration Fundamentals
Industrial Refrigeration
Multi-Skilled Technician
Air Conditioning Technology    
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Mechanic Diploma 47.0201
Boiler Maintenance Certificate 47.0201
Chiller Maintenance Certificate 47.0201
Domestic Air Conditioner and Furnace Installer Certificate 47.0201
Environmental Control System Servicer Certificate 47.0201
Environmental System Repair Helper Certificate 47.0201
Refrigeration Mechanic Certificate 47.0201
Associate in Arts    
Associate in Arts Associate in Arts  24.0101
Associate in Science    
Associate in Science Associate in Science  24.0101
Automotive Technology    
Automotive Technician Diploma 47.0604
Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Technician Certificate 47.0604
Automotive Air Conditioning Mechanic Certificate 47.0604
Automotive Electrician Certificate 47.0604
Brake Repairer Certificate 47.0604
Engine Repairer Certificate 47.0604
Front End Mechanic Certificate 47.0604
Manual Transmission/Drive Train Technician Certificate 47.0604
Tune-up Mechanic Certificate 47.0604
Business Studies - Administrative Office Technology    
Administrative Office Technology Associate in Applied Science 52.0402
Administrative Assistant Diploma 52.0402
Office Assistant Diploma 52.0402
Administrative Certificate 52.0402
Data Entry Operator Certificate 52.0402
Financial Assistant Clerk Certificate 52.0402
Financial Assistant Trainee Certificate 52.0402
Integrated Office Skills Certificate 52.0402
Legal Receptionist Certificate 52.0402
Receptionist Certificate 52.0402
Business Studies - Business Administration Systems    
Business Administration Systems Associate in Applied Science 52.0201
Accounting Diploma 52.0201
Accounting Certificate 52.0201
Accounting Recordkeeping Specialist Certificate 52.0201
Advanced Business Administration Certificate 52.0201
Business Transfer Certificate 52.0201
Financial Perspectives Certificate 52.0201
General Business Certificate 52.0201
Human Resource Management Certificate 52.0201
Leadership Certificate 52.0201
Management Certificate 52.0201
Operations Management Certificate 52.0201
Payroll Accounting Specialist Certificate 52.0201
Pre-Licensing Real Estate Certificate 52.0201
Residential Real Estate Certificate 52.0201
Sales Certificate 52.0201
Small Business Management Certificate 52.0201
Supervisory Management Certificate 52.0201
Team Leadership Certificate 52.0201
Business Studies - Medical Information Technology    
Medical Information Technology Associate in Applied Science 51.0716
Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma 51.0716
Medical Records Specialist Diploma 51.0716
Hospital Admissions Specialist Certificate 51.0716
Medical Coding Certificate 51.0716
Medical Receptionist Certificate 51.0716
Medical Transcriptionist Certificate 51.0716
Medical Unit Coordinator Certificate 51.0716
Computer & Information Technologies    
Computer and Information Technologies Associate in Applied Science 11.0101
A+ Certificate 11.0101
CISCO Networking Associate Certificate 11.0101
CISCO Networking Enhanced Certificate 11.0101
CIT Fundamentals Certificate 11.0101
Computer Support Technician Certificate 11.0101
Computer Tech Basic Certificate 11.0101
Computer Technician Certificate 11.0101
Information Security Specialist Certificate 11.0101
Microsoft Enterprise Administrator Certificate 11.0101
Microsoft Network Administrator Certificate 11.0101
Net+ Certificate 11.0101
Network Technologies Specialist Certificate 11.0101
Productivity Software Specialist Certificate 11.0101
Programming Certificate 11.0101
Security+ Certificate 11.0101
Web Administration Certificate 11.0101
Web Programming Certificate 11.0101
Computerized Manufacturing
 and Machining
Computerized Manufacturing & Machining Associate in Applied Science 48.0503
CNC Machinist Diploma 48.0503
Machinist Diploma 48.0503
Exploratory Machining I Certificate 48.0503
Machine Tool Operator I Certificate 48.0503
Machine Tool Operator II Certificate 48.0503
Construction Technology    
Construction Carpenter Diploma 46.0201
Basic Carpenter Certificate 46.0201
Carpenter Helper Certificate 46.0201
Construction Forms Helper Certificate 46.0201
Residential Carpenter Certificate 46.0201
Residential Roofer Certificate 46.0201
Residential Site Layout Assistant Certificate 46.0201
Rough Carpenter Certificate 46.0201
Apprentice Cosmetology Instructor Certificate 12.0401
Cosmetologist Certificate 12.0401
Nail Technician Certificate 12.0401
Criminal Justice    
Criminal Justice Associate in Applied Science 43.0103
Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate 43.0103
Computer Forensics Certificate 43.0103
Corrections Certificate 43.0103
Criminal Justice Core Certificate 43.0103
Law Enforcement Certificate 43.0103
Security and Loss Prevention Certificate 43.0103
Culinary Arts    
Culinary Arts Associate in Applied Science 12.0503
Catering and Personal Chef Diploma 12.0503
Culinary Arts Diploma 12.0503
Food and Beverage Management Diploma 12.0503
Advanced Catering Certificate 12.0503
Advanced Culinary Arts Certificate 12.0503
Advanced Food and Beverage Management Certificate 12.0503
Baking Certificate 12.0503
Catering Certificate 12.0503
Culinary Arts Certificate 12.0503
Food and Beverage Management Certificate 12.0503
Fundamentals of Culinary Arts Certificate 12.0503
Diesel Technology    
Agriculture Equipment Technician Diploma 47.0605
Construction Equipment Technician Diploma 47.0605
Medium and Heavy Truck Technician Diploma 47.0605
Agriculture Equipment Mechanic Helper Certificate 47.0605
Construction Equipment Mechanic Helper Certificate 47.0605
Diesel Engine Mechanic Certificate 47.0605
Diesel Mechanics Assistant Certificate 47.0605
Diesel Steering & Suspension Mechanic Certificate 47.0605
Electrical/Electronics Systems Mechanic Certificate 47.0605
Fluid Power Mechanic Certificate 47.0605
Heavy Duty Brake Mechanic Certificate 47.0605
Heavy Duty Drive Train Mechanic Certificate 47.0605
Medium and Heavy Truck Mechanic Helper Certificate 47.0605
Mobile Air Conditioning Mechanic Certificate 47.0605
Preventive Maintenance Mechanic Certificate 47.0605
Undercarriage Mechanic Certificate 47.0605
Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic    
Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic Certificate 51.0904
Fire/Rescue Science Technology    
Fire/Rescue Science Technology Associate in Applied Science 43.0203
Fire Chief Diploma 43.0203
Advanced Firefighter Certificate 43.0203
Basic Firefighter Certificate 43.0203
Emergency Medical Technician Certificate 43.0203
Fire Officer Certificate 43.0203
General Occupational/Technical Studies    
General Occupational/Technical Studies Associate in Applied Science 30.9999
Interdisciplinary Early
Childhood Education
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Associate in Applied Science 19.0709
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Diploma 19.0709
Child Care Assistant Certificate 19.0709
Early Childhood Administrator Certificate 19.0709
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Technical Studies Certificate 19.0709
Kentucky Child Care Provider Certificate 19.0709
Logistics and Operations Management    
International Logistics Certificate 52.0203
Logistics Management  Certificate 52.0203
Logistics Technology Certificate 52.0203
Supply Chain Management Certificate 52.0203
Manufacturing Industrial Technology (MIT): Electrical Technology  
Electrical Technology Diploma 46.0302
Electrical Construction Certificate 46.0302
Electrical Motor Control Level I Certificate 46.0302
Electrical Motor Control Level II Certificate 46.0302
Electrician Trainee Level I Certificate 46.0302
Electrician Trainee Level II Certificate 46.0302
Residential Electricity Level I Certificate 46.0302
Residential Electricity Level II Certificate 46.0302
Manufacturing Industrial Technology (MIT): Industrial Maintenance Technology
Industrial Maintenance Technology Associate in Applied Science 47.0303
Industrial Maintenance Technician Diploma 47.0303
Chemical Operator Certificate 47.0303
Electro-hydraulic Technician Certificate 47.0303
Fluid Power Mechanic Certificate 47.0303
Industrial Maintenance Electrical Mechanic Certificate 47.0303
Industrial Maintenance Machinists Mechanic Certificate 47.0303
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level I Certificate 47.0303
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level II Certificate 47.0303
Industrial Maintenance Robotics Technician Certificate 47.0303
Medical Assisting    
Medical Assisting Diploma 51.0801
Electrocardiograph Technician Certificate 51.0801
Medical Office Administrative Assistant Certificate 51.0801
Medical Office Insurance Billing and Coding Certificate 51.0801
Phlebotomist Certificate 51.0801
Medical Laboratory Technician    
Medical Laboratory Technician Associate in Applied Science 51.1004
Phlebotomist Certificate 51.1004
Phlebotomy for the Health Care Worker Certificate 51.1004
Nursing Associate in Applied Science 51.3801
Nursing - Practical Nursing    
Practical Nurse Diploma 51.3901
Kentucky Medication Aide Certificate 51.3901
Medicaid Nurse Aide Certificate 51.3901
Nursing Assistant – Advanced    
Advanced Nursing Assistant Certificate 51.3902
Plastics Technology    
Plastics Processing Certificate 15.0607
Plumbing Technology    
Plumber Mechanic Diploma 46.0503
1st Year Plumber Mechanic Certificate 46.0503
2nd Year Plumber Mechanic* Certificate 46.0503
Certified Backflow Tester* Certificate 46.0503
Finish Plumber Certificate 46.0503
Maintenance Plumber Certificate 46.0503
Plumber Estimator Certificate 46.0503
Plumber’s Helper Certificate 46.0503
Rough Plumber Certificate 46.0503
Service & Repair Plumber Certificate 46.0503
Respiratory Care    
Advanced Practice Respiratory Therapist Associate in Applied Science 51.0908
Unmanned Systems Technology    
Remote Drone Pilot
Unmanned Systems Technology
Drone Operator Specialist Track
First Responder Specialist Track
GIS/Unmanned Systems Specialist Track
Welding Technology    
Combination Welder Diploma 48.0508
ARC Cutter Certificate 48.0508
ARC Welder Certificate 48.0508
AWS National Skills Standards Level I Certificate 48.0508
Gas Metal Arc Welding Certificate 48.0508
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Certificate 48.0508
Gas Welder Certificate 48.0508
Pipeline Welder Certificate 48.0508
Production Line Welder Certificate 48.0508
Shielded Metal Arc Welding Certificate 48.0508
Tack Welder Certificate 48.0508
Welder Helper Certificate 48.0508
Workplace Safety Specialist    
Workplace Safety Specialist Certificate 15.0799