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Off-Campus Database Access Instructions

For ALL browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), you will access subscription library resources in the same way. You will need to provide your KCTCS login for many full-text, subscription resources accessible through the library search box on the library homepage (see below). 

Image of MCTC Library homepage

From the library search box, you will find search results based on the keywords you provide in the box. This search box provides results from many of the subscription databases you have access to as an MCTC student or employee. If you find a full-text article, e-book or other e-resource you need to access, click on the "View Online" or full-text link to get to the e-content, then follow the instructions further down this page. 


View online links in Primo


You may also locate databases to search directly from the "Resources" page on the library homepage. 

Resources and Guides

From the "Resources" link, you can select an individual subscription database to search. 


Resources page

Once you have followed a link to view a library subscription resource, you will arrive at the screen to type in your MCTC/KCTCS username and password. If you are unsure of your password or need to reset it you can do so in the KCTCS User Account Center.


Image of the Off-Campus sign-in page


Once you have provided your MCTC/KCTCS credentials, you will be able to access the subscription content. 

Credo homepage

You may be able to search several databases after you sign-in. After some time, if you wish to search additional databases, simply go back to the library home page and repeat the above steps.

NOTE: Students may see a login error when accessing electronic library resources. Often, this error occurs when using Google Chrome. This error is generally caused either by an expired authentication token or a prior sign-in attempt in progress. 

To avoid this error, you can close the browser and reopen a new "private" or "incognito" window. It is recommended that college students and employees always use private browsing to access library electronic content. Using a browser other than Chrome may also prevent this error from occurring. You may also fix this problem by going to your browser settings to the search history and clear/delete the data from websites you have visited and clear the cookies saved in the history. Then, close the browser and reopen it. 

If you continue to encounter problems logging into library resources or do not see the login page above, please contact the library.