Student and Community Patron Borrowing Policy

1.Students and community patrons may check out six (6) library items in total at a time. A maximum of two (2) audio-visual items may be checked out at a time. Only books may be renewed for an additional 14 days.

2.Students must present their official MCTC student photo ID card to check out library materials.

3.Community patrons may register for a free card. If the card becomes lost or stolen,replacement cost is $3 for each card.

4.Books check out for four (4) weeks at a time. Renewals are for an additional 14 days.

5.Two (2) audio-visual materials, such as DVDs or audio (music)CDs, maybe checked out for one (1)week at a time. Audio Books on CD check out for four (4)weeks. DVDs with more than two (2) discs in the case will check out as two (2) audiovisual items. No renewals.

6.Any student or community patron with an outstanding library fine or overdue book will not be allowed to check-out additional library materials until the fine has been paid or the overdue materials have been returned.

  • Fine for overdue books:10/day.
  • Fine for audiovisual materials:$1/dayfor DVDs, videos,and CDs.
  • Fine for reserve materials:25/hour for hourly reserve items; $1/day for all other reserve items.
  • Fines will not exceed a total of $10.00 per item.
    Students and community patrons will receive only a FIRST and LAST notice for overdue items. Overdue notices will be sent by email to students, or to other community patrons if an email account is provided.
  • If any material is lost, the replacement fee will be the replacement cost of the item,plus a $10.00processing fee. One bill will be sent for the replacement cost,processing fee, and fines for non-returned/lost/damaged materials.
  • All library patrons will be assessed replacement costs if library material is returned damaged, regardless of when the material was returned.
  • One bill will be sent for fines in excess of $1.00 of overdue materials that have been returned late.

7. A HOLD will be placed on a student's record in the Student Self-Service portal for unpaid library fines and fees in excess of $1 or for items not returned. The hold will remain until the student's library account is reconciled at the library. Students will not be able register or obtain a transcript of grades until the library account is resolved.