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Computer Labs

Library Computer Lab Policy

1. The computers and the technology available through the library labs are for the purpose of academic research and assignments, i.e. word processing, spreadsheets, research.

2. No children in the computer library computer labs.

3. No cell phone usage, including texting, in the library computer labs.

4. Students must have Student Photo ID card with them while using the labs.

5. MCTC students will have first priority to use the library computers.

6. The general public may only use the computers in the library. The other computer labs are for classroom and student purposes.

7. Community users must present photo ID to register for a library card.

8. Community users must present library cards to check out a temporary username and password at the library circulation desk.

9. No one may reserve a computer for another user. Be considerate and aware of others waiting to use the computers.

10. Users may not leave a computer logged on to step out of the library computer lab to return later to the same computer.

11. Files using excessive band width may not be downloaded from the Internet

12. Computers and technology will not be used for commercial or for-profit purposes.

13. Social media/networking may not be used for extended periods of time if others are waiting to use the computers for course work.

12. All users must abide by the applicable KCTCS, local, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to Internet usage, especially in regard to minors.

13. Violation of regulations may result in loss of computer privileges.

14. Anyone making disturbances while using the lab will be asked to leave with possible loss of lab privilege for the rest the semester or longer.

Last update June 2013