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Prior Learning Assessments

The Prior Learning Assessment at Maysville Community & Technical College is designed to award credit for college-level learning derived from experiences outside the classroom.

There are a number of methods for granting college credit for prior learning, including:

  • Recognized industry certifications
    Advanced Placement (AP) exams
    College Level Exam Program (CLEP) exams
    Special Technical Education Proficiency (STEP) exams
    Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio

See the industry certifications and professional licensures that are currently accepted at KCTCS and the maximum credit that can be awarded for each. Requirements for the awarding of prior learning credit through industry based credentials vary by discipline, and you should be aware of the particular requirements for your program area. Please speak with your advisor about the options available.

Learning acquired through the following kinds of activities might qualify:

  • Non-credit courses, workshops, on-line, television and newspaper courses
    Apprenticeship courses
    Self-taught knowledge or skills
    Career/work experiences and training
    Volunteer work
    Community services
    Avocations, e.g., art, music, dramatics
    Leadership roles in associations and organizations
    Personal life experiences
    Industry certification
  • Make a list of your skills and write out your objectives. When writing your objectives, ask these questions:What degree are you seeking?
    What classes do you think you can bypass that will help you attain that degree?
    Next, make an appointment with Dr. Brianna Whitten. She will help you with the portfolio development process, including finding a faculty mentor in your discipline.
    Prepare a draft of the portfolio for review, make necessary changes, and submit final version for assessment.
    Faculty will assess competencies and determine whether additional documentation is required before making the final determination.
  • It's less expensive.
    You pay $375 for a portfolio assessment of 15 credit hours (five 3-credit courses).
    It speeds up graduation
    A 30-credit hour certificate program that typically takes a year could be completed in one semester by a student who earned 15 hours through prior learning assessment.
    NOTE: You should create a portfolio only when seeking at least 3 hours of credit for prior learning.
  • A portfolio is a collection of materials that describes and documents prior learning.
  • Knowledge, skills and/or competencies must be documented for the course(s) for which credit is applied.
  • The portfolio is developed under the direction of the MCTC's professional staff and is evaluated by the faculty for award of credit.
Brianna Whitten
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