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Adult Education Services

Basic Computer Literacy

The Maysville Community and Technical College Adult Education Center offers instruction in basic computer skills. Instructors will introduce you to a basic typing program and give individualized assistance on how to operate and use a computer. Instructors will teach you how to "surf the internet" and use search engines. Instruction is based on the individuals needs and goals for computer literacy.

College Preparation

The Maysville Community and Technical College Adult Education Center offers Compass Preparation. You can improve your COMPASS scores with a few hours of individualized tutoring and practice in math, language or reading skills. This program is designed to help prepare you for college courses and to test you out of developmental classes.

Do You: Want to improve basic skills before entering the classroom? Need to improve your COMPASS scores? Need to improve your math, language or reading COMPASS scores before enrolling in courses required for your degree?
If So: Then the MCTC Adult Learning Centers COMPASS preparation course is for you!
How it works: Master Advising will go over your COMPASS Test results and help you decide if the COMPASS Preparation course is right for you.
If So: An Adult Education instructor will give you diagnostic assessment and together you will design a study plan that fits your needs and schedule.
Next: After completing a minimum of eight hours of study, you will take the diagnostic assessment again to determine COMPASS test readiness.
Final Step: Re-take the COMPASS test at NO CHARGE and start working toward your chosen career.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Maysville Community and Technical College Adult Education Center offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes to aid students in learning "English as a Second Language (ESL)".

These classes are offered for those learning English as a Second Language (ESL). Classes available are structured and individualized to meet the need or needs of each individual student. The classes are student-centered and emphasize the individual need or needs of each student. To assist the students in reaching his or her goal(s) we utilize the following: basic sight words, computer programs, role playing, testing, textbooks, Visual aids, and workbooks.

With these various tools we are able to improve students comprehension and understanding of American culture; while improving the English speaking, reading and writing skills.

Family Literacy

The Maysville Community and Technical College Adult Education Center offers Family Literacy for parents who want to prepare for college by studying for the Compass, ACT or SAT, earn a GED, prepare to take the Para Educator exam, earn a Kentucky Employability Certificate, and for those who want to help their children succeed in school and in life. All services are provided through the Adult Education Center at no cost to the participant. All instructions, books, supplies, activities for children and even taking the GED test (one time) are free. We are here to serve you and the educational needs of your family!

Whats in it for me? accomplishment, higher test scores, personalized Instruction, a closer relationship with your child, and friendships with other parents

Whats in it for my child? success in school, a closer relationship with you, and FUN!


GED Diploma Preparation and Testing

Why is a GED diploma so important??

What are the benefits of a higher education? better jobs means more money which means greater financial freedom and fewer people on welfare, better access to healthcare means longer life-spans, better eating and health practices means healthier children, more participation in leisure and artistic activities, better grades for children, greater knowledge of government, greater community service, less criminal activity and fewer people in prison, and lower unemployment rates. Higher education benefits the individual, the individual's family, and the individual's community.

A GED, or high school equivalency diploma, is your ticket to a better paying job or higher education. The GED tests measure high school-level skills and knowledge. The GED credential offers adults a powerful second chance at attending college or pursuing a career.

Maysville Community and Technical College's Adult Education Center can help you prepare for the GED test through individualized assessment and tutoring.

Education PAYS!!

Average Annual Income based on Educational Level
Educational Level Average Annual Income
Less than 9th Grade $18,266
High School, No Diploma $21,391
High School Graduate $28,805
Some College $32,399
Associate Degree $35,387
Bachelor's Degree $46,273
Master's Degree $55,298
Doctoral Degree $70,474
Professional Degree $80,237