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Our enrollment staff is here to help you with the admissions process and answer your questions about enrolling at MCTC. We'd love to get to know you and show you all that MCTC has to offer!

Meet Your Enrollment Team

Lauren MattoxLauren Gillis, Director of Admissions and Assessment

Office Location: Licking Valley Campus
(859) 234-8626 ext. 66436
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"Hi! I am Lauren Gillis, the Director of Admissions and Assessment, my home campus is the Licking Valley Campus in Cynthiana. I am excited to assist you in taking that first big step in changing your life! Coming to Maysville Community & Technical College is going to put you on a path to a great education, exceptional training, a better job and an easier transfer experience. MCTC can be your gateway to the workforce or a stepping stone to a degree at a 4 year college or university.
Having gone through KCTCS myself and then transferring to the University of Kentucky to complete my Bachelors in Communication degree in 2006, I can testify to the advantages of the lowest tuition rate in the state and the ease of transfer. Please don't hesitate to give me a call! I will gladly walk you through the application process. I look forward to speaking with you!"


Sabrah Pfeffer

Sabrah Pfeffer, Admissions Specialist
Maysville Campus 
(606) 759-7141 ext. 66185
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"Hi!  My name is Sabrah Pfeffer, the Admissions Specialists/ Campus Recruiter for Maysville Community and Technical College and I’m located at the Maysville Campus.  I am a proud 2009 and 2021 graduate of MCTC!  I graduated in 2009 with an Associates in Applied Science and Medical Assisting Certificate.  I wanted to further my education so I decided to come back to MCTC and in May 2021 I graduated with my Associates in Arts!  Everyone at MCTC made it an easy choice for me to want to continue my education here and were so helpful along my journey!  I couldn’t be more excited to join this team here on campus and help walk you through our application process!" 

Jason Butler PictureJason Butler, Recruiting Coordinator
Maysville Campus 
(606) 759-7141 ext. 66138
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"Hello! I am Jason Butler, Recruiting Coordinator for Maysville Community and Technical College. I was born and raised in Maysville, Kentucky. I am a proud 1995 graduate of Maysville Community College (now MCTC) and a 1997 graduate of Morehead State University with a degree in Communications. I’ve dedicated 21 years of working in higher education and love helping others start their educational path. I am located in the Enrollment Service Center on the Maysville Campus.  If you ever have questions or would want to visit our campus, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Look forward to meeting you!"

KGHSKatie Gilbert, Recruiter
Maysville Campus 
(606) 759-7141 ext. 66205
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“Hi! My name is Katie Gilbert, I am a Recruiter for Maysville Community and Technical College. I am primarily located at the Maysville Campus, but you will see me around at our other campuses and mainly at our local Area and Technology Centers that we serve. I am a proud 2019 graduate of Augusta Independent. I decided to transition from a Dual Credit student to a full-time student at MCTC. In 2021, I graduated from MCTC with an AA and AS. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business at Morehead State University.

MCTC gave me opportunities that I never knew were available. Their kindness and generosity inspired a change for me to help students. There is always more out there than the “boundary” that people make you believe that you’re in. It’s astonishing how a certificate, diploma, associate degree, etc. can change your life significantly!”   

Amy AndersonAmy Anderson, Admissions Specialist:
Office Location: Montgomery Campus
(859) 499-6282 ext. 66528
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"Hi! I am Amy Anderson, Admission Specialist at the Montgomery County Campus. I am a proud graduate from Eastern Kentucky University.

I have a passion for helping students overcome barriers so they can achieve their goals. MCTC offers many opportunities for every student to be successful. I look forward to working with you!"


Natalee BrownNatalee Brown, Director of Recruitment:
Office Location: Montgomery Campus
(859) 499-6282 ext. 66503
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"Hello! I am Natalee Brown, I am the Director of Recruitment at Maysville Community and Technical College and my office is at the Montgomery Campus. I am a proud graduate of Murray State University and I am finishing up a graduate degree with Morehead State University. I truly believe that higher education is the key to a better life and look forward to showing you what MCTC has to offer. If you are interested in visiting our college, please get in touch with me today!"

Christy Kissick headshot

Christy Kissick, Admissions Specialist/Campus Recruiter
Rowan Campus
(606) 783-1538 ext. 66340
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"Hello, I am Christy Kissick, your Admissions Specialist and Campus Recruiter for the Rowan Campus, Maysville Community and Technical College.   

I have lived in Rowan County for almost thirty years, earned my AAS degree at MCTC, and am working on my bachelor’s at Western Kentucky University. I have always understood the value of higher education and the economic security it provides in life. MCTC has opportunities for all ages in trades, skills, certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees. Whether you are beginning new or starting over, MCTC and I welcome you!!

I look forward to helping you and others change your life’s trajectory."