Our Mission

image of safety day sessionIn Workforce Solutions, we understand the needs of the local agriculture and horticulture based businesses are high, because they conduct the most important work in the world! We engage individuals and businesses that focus on producing products that consumers need every day. Along with local extension agencies, educational institutions, and community organizations, Carrie Taylor and Dennis Perry help to develop and sustain activities and projects that improve the work of businesses and support educational initiatives throughout the counties we serve Horticulture.

Looking for an elective this fall? Check out our sustainable agriculture course!

Community Partnerships

image of Carrie Taylor, HorticulturistWe offer a diversity of classes and sessions that focus on an array of farming and design elements which focus on plant production in our Maysville Greenhouse and farming topics such as cattle, livestock and forage production. Through diversification projects, many businesses within our communities can brand out and conduct a multitude of business techniques, which help individuals within the community. We assist individuals and businesses through:

  • Site-based visits for individuals or group related projects
  • Training for community-based organization and schools
  • Small business consultation and training through Community Education

Through our partnership with the Mason Count Extension Office, there are several activities/sessions available for you to attend this year.

Want more information about our programs and classes? Call or email:

Rowan Campus:
Dennis Perry, Adult Agriculture Consultant (606) 783-9342

Maysville Campus:
Carrie Taylor, Horticulturist (606) 759-7141 ext. 66232

 *** Mark your calendar for the Woodland Short Course for Private Land Owners, scheduled for April 29th, 8:00 flyer advertising the upcoming woodland short course on april 29, 2017a.m. – 12:15 p.m. at the Maysville Campus. Meet the agencies and organizations that can help you get the most from your wooded areas. Pre-registration required. Call (606)759-7141 ext. 66120. Click here to learn more!