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Workforce Resources

We have designed services and training opportunities to increase economic development in our region. From industrial maintenance and team building to computer robotics instruction and continuing education for those licensed in technical careers, we provide excellent training services to employees of all trades to upgrade their skills.

Workforce Training

We help your business maintain its competitive edge by providing customized workforce training on-site or in the classroom.

Non-Credit Course Catalog

Check out a copy of our full-course catalog.

Community Education

We understand that learning something new can be scary. Our community education classes are created to make learning affordable, close to home and even fun.

Professional Continuing Education

Assessments and testing programs that we currently offer to our students and workforce individuals.

Transition to College

We all know the importance that a college education holds in today's market. That is why we have created several ways to support you during your pursuit for higher education

Agriculture & Horticulture

We offer classes and sessions based on farming and design elements which focus on plant production in our Maysville Greenhouse and farming topics such as cattle, livestock and forage production.

Lineworker Program

If you like to be outdoors, love challenges and aren't afraid of heights, being a professional Lineworker is a career to consider. The MCTC Lineworker Program will train you to install, maintain and repair high-power transmission and distribution lines and systems that deliver electric power from the generating source to the end user all in just 10 weeks!

Drone Technology Program

Drone Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy. Commercial drones can be used in many industries for many different applications. If you are interested in aviation, robotics, photography or mapping, you should consider this program!

Class A CDL

The Class A CDL Program will get you on the road to a great career in the trucking industry. The open road and a better life awaits! 

Workplace Assessments

 Find out more about the workplace assessments offered for business and industry as well as individuals.

Interested In Teaching for Workforce Solutions?

If you think your skill set matches any of our needs, we'd love to talk to you!