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Daughter follows mother’s good example in dedication to MCTC

September 17, 2020
by Keith Kappes


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all”. 

That cutesy phrase on a wall plaque makes a funny gift for a daughter but it also could be the best description of the very promising career path of Maggie Price, an administrator at the Rowan Campus of Maysville Community and Technical College. 

By building her reputation as a “success coach” through her dedication to helping students navigate through college, she is following the example of her mother, Tina Curtis, assistant professor of communications at MCTC’s Maysville Campus, and a valued academic and personal advisor to students for twenty-four years. 

“Mom and I are proud of this institution and we frequently volunteer to serve in various ways because we know firsthand how MCTC makes a real difference in the lives of our students,” Price says of her extensive involvement in campus activities. 

Her husband, Jamie Price, is an alumnus of MCTC. Her sister and uncle have taken classes and her grandmother worked several years in the MCTC business office.  

In addition to her responsibilities with students, Price also is temporarily working as administrative coordinator of the Rowan Campus, handling some of the duties of campus director Russ Ward, who is MCTC’s interim president/CEO. 

“Maggie is living proof of the old saying that the best way to get things done is to assign them to a busy person,” said Ward. “She and her mother are tremendous role models for the rest of us at MCTC.” 

Price, a part-time doctoral student at Eastern Kentucky University, also serves MCTC as a member of the Behavior Intervention Team, Crisis Management Team and the Presidential Search Committee. 

She holds a bachelor’s degree from NKU and a master’s from MSU.  

“I am excited to find new ways to support the College and that often involves becoming a project or program volunteer,” Price said. 

For example, she has had oversight of the College’s educational program for inmates at the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex in West Liberty for the last four years. Before the pandemic restricted all outside access to the medium security facility, MCTC was providing accredited courses to about 80 inmates each semester. 

“I am very committed to helping more prisoners qualify for college classes so they can prepare themselves to return to society with solid credentials for gainful employment and normal lives,” Price said. “We intend to resume and expand our classes at EKCC as time and resources allow.” 

She added: 

“I remind myself each day that nothing I have achieved likely would have happened without my enrollment as a dual credit student at MCTC while in high school. Memories of that positive experience eventually brought me back to the College ten years ago as a staff member and I am delighted to be here.” 

To learn how dedicated staff members like Maggie Price can help you become successful, go online to Maysville.kctc.edu