Student Spotlight: Leigha Ritchie | MCTC

Student Spotlight: Leigha Ritchie

Leigha Ritchie’s story is not an unfamiliar one. She was a single mom of two boys. The small community where they lived was full of close family and friends. Leigha worked a job she enjoyed to provide the best life possible for her sons. She worked the day shift so she could spend evenings with her family or at her son’s baseball league. It was a good life. But then she got the news that changed everything in an instant. The assembly plant where she worked was closing. The company had decided to move operations to another facility. Leigha Ritchie 

When she weighed her options nothing seemed like a good choice for her or her family. She could try to find similar work in another local factory. But that would probably require her to start over and take a second or third shift position until she could work back to days. Or of course she could move, but that would mean taking her boys away from their friends and family. It was a scary situation, and none of the obvious options seemed like they could improve her life.

But then, she learned about another option that was available to her. Leigha found out she was eligible to take classes at MCTC through a program designed for people who had lost their job due to manufacturing downsizing or plant closure. After meeting with an admissions counselor she decided to pursue a career in the growing field of Medical Information Technology where she would never have to worry about job security again.

“This opportunity has been a blessing for me and my family.... not just about finding employment but showing myself and my boys that when one door closes another will always open. It was so hard to go back to school, but all of the staff are exceptional. Thank you so much.”

Leigha is halfway through her classes and will graduate next spring. Her future is secure and she is excited to start her next chapter…and so are her boys.