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Students Improve Reading Skills through MCTC-MSU Partnership

Morehead, KY (April 4, 2012) The names may be different, but the aspirations of Maysville Community and Technical Colleges Rowan Campus and Morehead State Universitys Adult Learning Center are the same-helping adult students succeed.

The question might be asked how two post-secondary educational institutions co-existing within the same community find a way to work together.

Increasing the educational attainment of our citizens is one of the greatest gifts we can provide, said MCTC Assessment and Testing Coordinator Jo McCarty. The MSU Adult Learning Center has supported the Rowan Campus through our collaborations for the last 10 years.

This partnership led to the development of a free and voluntary reading workshop for MCTC students in 2011.

The workshop has provided incentives for students to improve their reading abilities, said McCarty. There has been a 100 percent success rate for improved reading skills so far. Some of these students have actually tested out of the developmental reading level entirely after completing this workshop. It gives our students options.

Opal Fannin, assistant coordinator and Adult Basic Education (ABE) instructor for MSUs Adult Learning Center, leads the workshop.

This workshop is similar to some of the classes we offer at the Center, said Fannin. It targets their reading skills. The skills they learn from this workshop will benefit students in the classroom, but it can also help them in their future careers.

The materials needed for the workshop are provided by both MCTC and the MSU Adult Learning Center, which recently celebrated its 45th year of service.

MCTC has not only been on the receiving end of this partnership, however. New MCTC students enrolled in a class focusing on the skills needed to succeed in college have taken the opportunity to encourage their fellow students at the Adult Learning Center.

These students have used their own experiences with enrolling in college, researching career fields, and taking college classes as a way to mentor the Center students who are just a step or two behind them on their own educational paths.

The state is encouraging adult learning centers to prepare students to succeed beyond the GED, said Fannin. This collaboration with MCTC gives us a way to do that.

MCTC is providing two reading workshops during the Spring 2012 semester.

For more information about the reading workshop contact Jo McCarty at 606-783-1538 extension 66312.