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MCTC Student Develops a Database for NewSong Counseling Center

by Tiffany Porter

On April 30, 2018, Maysville Community and Technical College MCTC) student, Aaron Tucker, presented a personally designed a database to the NewSong Counseling Center in Mt. Sterling, as part of a final project in his computer information technology (CIT) class.

In February, NewSong Counseling Center contacted MCTC in search of assistance with an Excel spreadsheet they use for tracking appointments with their clients. Microsoft Excel is taught in many computer information technology (CIT) classes, so CIT Professor Sharon Staviski took on the task to see how she could help. She noticed that they needed a small database to accomplish their goal, and in her CIT Database Design Fundamentals class, Aaron Tucker was in need of a topic for his final project.  She reached out to Cathy Turner, Director at NewSong, explained the benefits of using a small database and asked if they would allow a student to design one for them. Turner was excited to work with MCTC, and Tucker began his project with Staviski as his mentor.NewSong

Once the database was developed, Tucker and Staviski delivered it to NewSong and explained to them how it worked. Staviski said, “Aaron did a great job in explaining the database and NewSong was very pleased with his work!  We have a bit more work to do on the database to make it fully functional for them, but this is all part of the process in developing an application.”

Since then, NewSong has implemented the database and they are delighted by his work. Turner said, “Aaron was very clear in his descriptions and explanations in how to operate the database and implement it into our daily procedures so that we can better track the services that our clients are receiving.  Ms. Staviski offered insight regarding ways to further advance the program and refine it to meet our specific needs. We deeply appreciate the help and expertise of both Aaron and Ms. Staviski. It has been enjoyable working with them both.”

Aaron Tucker applied the knowledge he gained at MCTC through the CIT program to not only meet the needs of a local business, but also gain first-hand job experience is his field of study.

Computer information technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the modern economy, offering an abundance of well-paying jobs. If you would like more information about the CIT program at MCTC, please contact Sharon Staviski, CIT faculty and Program Coordinator, at 606-783-1538 ext. 66318 or