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LVCs Literati and our community

Author: Ashley O'Brien

High on a hill, above the Licking River* is a college truly making a wonderful name for itself. I am a student at Maysville Community amp; Technical Colleges Licking Valley Campus and am in my second semester. This semester, I have wanted to get more involved with school. I am the accompanist for the Campus Choir, which is directed by Mr. Bill Webber, but that wasn't enough for me. I woke up one morning on fire for school. I started making plans of how I could do more, be involved, and make a difference.

My friend, Patricia Combs, found me in the lounge and invited me to the Literati meeting. Patricia is the president of this student organization. I thought to myself, What can it hurt? I want to get more involved in school. Maybe this is something that I can do or at least be interested in. I truly enjoyed my first meeting and, to my surprise, was voted in as the Literati Secretary.

The word Literati is defined as a person of scholarly or literary attainments. LVC Literati certainly lives and works in the literary world. Literati provides students an outlet for creative expression. We also do several charitable projects in our community.

One community outreach project we are doing right now is our book drive for Eastern State Hospital. The patients of this hospital are always in need of reading material, so we donate books to their library. Another project is the short story contest for all of the fourth graders in Harrison County. The due date for essays is October 21, and the theme this year is Scary Stories.

We have Literati meetings every two weeks. At these meetings we discuss any business we have, and members share works they have written, or something interesting they have read and want to present to the group. Our major project every year is a magazine that we publish. The name of our magazine is Lifes Vivid Creations. Students submit short stories, poems, photographs, and other items that show creative expression.

LVC Literati is an organization that is trying to help our community and advance the students at our school. So, why dont you drop by and see what our students are accomplishing on this hill above the Licking River at MCTCs Licking Valley Campus? I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Ashley OBrien is a sophomore at MCTC majoring in Nursing.


*Lyrics from LVCs school song, Hilltop Days written by Bill Webber.