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Licking Valley Campus, MCTC Goes Green for the Holidays

Karey Mattox

The holiday season may not be the time of year that most people think about energy conservation and recycling. Let's face it. Those are the hot topics we reserve for Earth Day, not Christmas. Students, faculty, and staff at the Licking Valley Campus of Maysville Community amp; Technical College are working diligently to remind community members how important it is to incorporate green, earth-friendly initiatives in your holiday.

The campus is teaching by example.

LVC will be closed beginning December 22nd and will reopen on January 3rd. During this time the thermostat will be significantly set back to conserve energy. All computers, office and classroom equipment will be turned off and unplugged, and only those lights needed for security purposes will be left on. And while employees are heartbroken cue the mischievous grin they are not allowed to sneak in extra work hours on campus during break.

Weve paid extra attention to ways to cut back while the building is closed, said Larry Lemons, LVC Facilities Management Specialist. It is a very simple concept really that hardly requires extra work. This initiative not only helps the environment, but also the bank account during a time when the college feels the crunch due to drastic budget cuts.

So how can you go green for the holidays? Here are a few suggestions worth considering:

  • Place recycle bins or containers specified for recyclable materials at your holiday parties. If you live in the city limits, remember that recycling pick up is available every Monday.
  • Reuse and recycle cardboard boxes. Use gift boxes, large and small, to store decorations or tuck them away for gifts throughout the year. If you have large boxes, maybe pass them along to someone who is moving. Otherwise, break them down and toss them in the recycle bin.
  • Use green packaging. Gift bags can be reused year after year, so opt for the bag instead of rolls of paper. If you do purchase gift wrap, make sure it is recycled paper and see that it ends up in the recycle bin on Christmas morning instead of the trash. Earth reports $2.6 billion is spent annually on gift wrap. Newspapers, magazines amp; old calendars can be the perfect, recyclable, low-cost alternative.
  • Opt for a live tree that can be replanted. If you dont want to plant a tree in your own yard, perhaps a friend, family member, city park, or local business would appreciate it. If you decorate a cut tree, be sure to utilize the city's brush chipper service after the holiday.
  • Use timers and LEDs for your Christmas lights. Its okay to be festive and adorn your home with twinkling lights, but leave the exaggerated displays for Clark Griswold. Purchase timers for your outdoor and indoor displays they are relatively inexpensive and are a great investment for many seasons to come. If every American home switched to LED holiday lights, wed save $160 million in energy this season.

Be reminded this season that every eco-friendly effort makes a difference. Look for MCTC Licking Valley Campus students, faculty, and staff this weekend in the parade downtown as we demonstrate our own interpretation of going green for the holidays with a little creative decorating.

From our campus to your home and workplace, we wish you a very happy, green holiday season.