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Melanie Hill

Graduation date from MCTC: December 2015

Program: Associate of Arts – Business Administration   

What made you decide to attend MCTC:  I found myself stalled. I had recently moved back home after being in the workforce for over 15 years. I was depressed. I was almost forty and still hadn’t figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. My mother was such an important lifeline for me, she suggested I go back to school. I dismissed it at first, but once I got online and started surfing the MCTC website, I got a little spark of excitement. I saw the future I could possibly have so I called MCTC. Melanie Hill

How/Has MCTC made your life better or helped you achieve your goals: I was so nervous, going back to school at my age.  But, the atmosphere of a 2 -year college was so inviting and encouraging.  I felt so welcomed, like I belonged there. I saw other students my age and older. I just felt comfortable with myself and I was having fun. MCTC gave me the courage to keep going - to pursue my bachelors, and now, my masters. I was fortunate to find the Ready to Work (RTW) program while at MCTC.  The RTW program really changed me as a person. I had the privilege of getting a work study in the RTW office with RTW Coordinator Brie Bickley.  I hadn’t done a lot of social service/counseling work so at first my viewpoint was more black and white. But, Brie’s compassion for the RTW students and her personal mission to make sure each student got the resources needed to be successful was life changing.  I am a better, more confident, and more compassionate person because of the RTW program and Brie Bickley’s unwavering dedication to her students.

What impressed you the most about MCTC: The one thing that impressed me the most about MCTC was that the faculty and staff really cared. They wanted me to succeed just as much as I did if not more. It was refreshing to see so many people enjoying/loving what they do. That attitude is contagious and it made me want to love what I did too.

Any challenges you have overcame to get to where you are today: I had some hard moments while attending MCTC.  My mother died the day after my first day of school at MCTC. There are no words that can accurately describe how that felt.  My son diagnosed with some challenging disorders and was really struggling in daycare. It was rough trying to work and go to school full time all while being a mother. Then my dad suddenly died too. I was actually at school when I got the phone call. It was dizzying, the amount/degree of personal challenges I was faced with during my time at MCTC but I kept going.

How have you furthered your education since graduating from MCTC: I obtained the Morehead State University (MSU) transfer scholarship, earned my Bachelors in Business Administration, and I am currently in the MBA program at MSU.

What are you doing now: I am working as the Office Manager for a business in Morehead. I have been here for over 2 years and have daily opportunities to show my skills and knowledge I learned at MCTC.

What is your career goal: I want to own my own business. Maybe a cafe’, or a Bed and Breakfast, something local. I want to incorporate in my business programs that help others.  I feel so passionate about reaching those who think they can’t do something more with their life.  Help break the cycle of poverty and lack, and empower them to pursue their education and their dreams.


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