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Upon further review of current road conditions and today's winter weather forecast , all MCTC campuses will be closed Friday, 1/28. All classes including virtual/remote learning and student services are canceled.

Maysville Community and Technical College Student Laptop Use Policy

Borrower Use and Liability

  1. Mini laptops may only be checked out by currently enrolled MCTC students with a valid student photo identification card.
  2. At the first-time check out, all laptop borrowers must sign a MCTC Library Student Laptop User's Agreement accepting responsibility for repair or replacement, $300,of the laptop and peripherals in the event of loss, theft, or damage. This agreement will be binding while a student is currently enrolled at MCTC.
  3. Laptops are checked out with a power cord. The borrower is encouraged to use the power cord rather than the laptop battery.
  4. Laptops should never be left unattended.

Loan Period

  1. Laptops are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Checkout is limited to one laptop per person for a 2-hour period for use within the library only. One renewal is permitted, if no other user is waiting.
  3. Laptops must be returned to a library staff member at the Circulation Desk in good condition as defined by MCTC library.
  4. Laptops must be returned to the Circulation Desk 15 minutes before closing.

Overdue Charges

  1. Overdue item fine is $1 per hour, maximum of $10.
  2. Laptops not returned by the end of the day will be declared lost/stolen; the student's library account will be immediately billed and the PeopleSoft account will be blocked. If a user returns the laptop in good condition, the replacement cost will be dropped; but the overdue fines will remain.
  3. It is the responsibility of the borrower to notify the library of any loss, damage, or defect immediately upon return of the laptop.


  1. Personal software must not be loaded onto the laptop, nor should system settings be changed.
  2. The library is not responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to or from user storage devices.

Saving Files

Laptop borrowers may save files to a USB (flash drive). No user files will be retained on the hard disk.


Printing is not available from the laptop. Files must be printed from one of the workstations in the computer labs.

Policy Enforcement

The library reserves the right to deny access to the laptop to any user who violates these policies.