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Our President

image of Dr. Steve Vacik, MCTC President

We want you at Maysville Community and Technical College! Whether as a student, alumnus, industry representative, benefactor or community member, our college has exciting opportunities, information and outcomes to share.  At MCTC, expect the unexpected.

For example, we are dedicated to helping meet the workforce needs of healthcare in eastern and central Kentucky.  So are many other colleges in the region.  But did you know that our success rate on the NCLEX exam for R.N. in AY2018-19 college-wide is approaching 100% ; at the Licking Valley Campus, this is shaping up to be year FIVE of 100%.  Also, through our unique on-line PN to RN option, we are increasing significantly the number of graduates each year from the Nursing Program. 

And MCTC is committed to meeting the workforce and technology needs of regional business and industry.  Again, many other colleges are similarly tasked.  However, our Rowan Campus, which has relocated at the MMRC Industrial Park, was designed SPECIFICALLY to support existing industry and attract new companies.  Comprised of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing (which opened in 2018) and the Center for Workforce Development (opening in fall 2019), this new campus is uniquely positioned – with the latest equipment and workspace – to produce the highly skilled workforce demanded by the newest industries in the area (like the 60-acre greenhouse being constructed next door or the newest Kentucky cooperage building across the highway).  Surprised yet? 

What if I told you that students from the MCTC Institute for Culinary Arts were invited to work as support chefs in Louisville at the 2019 Kentucky Derby?  Our college was the only school in Kentucky to participate in the Derby, and only one of three in the nation (with the other two traveling from Pennsylvania and New York).  Did I mention that this was the second straight year to work the Derby?  Oh, and our students worked the 2018 Breeder’s Cup as well?  If you would like to sample their cuisine, the College Café in downtown Maysville is open to the community/general public on Fridays during the fall and spring.  The Bakery, also located in the Cox Building, is open four days a week during those same weeks.  Inexpensive gourmet meals and fresh baked goods in beautiful downtown Maysville, just a block from the scenic Ohio River.  See what I am saying about the unexpected?

And it isn’t just our programs that amaze people – it is our PEOPLE that amaze people.  We have such a caring group of faculty and staff.  Other colleges would likely say something similar.  But we feel so strongly about putting the emphasis on students and their success, during AY2019-20, MCTC has been selected to join the initial cohort of colleges participating in the Caring College initiative through the Institute for Evidence-Based Change.  The goal is increased connectedness between our students and the college.  You see, we are not content with being a caring college – we will work to be the MOST caring college.  We want our dedication to the mission of challenging learners to accomplish their goals to surprise both those familiar and unfamiliar with MCTC.

The bottom line:  I understand that choosing to pursue higher education, not to mention determining which college best meets your needs, is never simple.  Questions about what programs are taught, what campus is nearest, what careers await following completion, how long will it take to graduate and how can I afford this are all very common.  There are many more, however, that you should ask.  Our website was designed to provide solid reference information for future students, current students and even the community.  But to ensure that all of your questions are answered, please do not hesitate to contact our Office of Enrollment and Student Affairs for further assistance.  Or visit one of our four campuses.  Expect the unexpected at Maysville Community and Technical College.  A better life awaits…

With best wishes,

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Dr. Steve Vacik
President/CEO, MCTC