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Program Advisors

Use directory to contact and schedule advising sessions with faculty and program advisors.

Associate in Arts

NAME MeetMe Page (to schedule appointment) Campus Phone Extension
Alex Hyrcza Maysville 66108
Troy Teegarden Licking Valley 66434
Tony Boyd Maysville  66178
Tina Curtis Maysville 66200
Dallas McKinney Montgomery/All 66518 
Deri Pryor Montgomery  66529
John Klee Maysville 66106
Dr. Jerry Napier  Licking Valley 66457 
Mary Jane Sharp Maysville 66187
Melinda Walker Licking Valley 66439
Brianna Whitten Maysville 66171
Jeff Wylie Maysville 66109

Associate in Science

Name MeetMe Page (to schedule appointment) Campus Phone Extension
Dr. Angela Fultz Maysville 66133
Jennifer Adler Licking Valley 66431
Elizabeth Dement Montgomery 66520
Elena May  Rowan  66358 
John Scott Miller Maysville  66136 
Brenda Moore Licking Valley  66430 
Marty Muenks Licking Valley  66410 
Charles Lykins  Montgomery  66517 
Channing Richardson Rowan 66305
Rena Zanakis Maysville 66194
Dr. Christopher Sears Maysville  66154
Justin Weiss Maysville  66128
Sharon Wilson  Maysville  66170
Thomas Sloas  Montgomery  66527
Mary Alice Prater  Montgomery  66509 
Scott Mellenkamp Montgomery 66505 

Business & Related Technologies

Name MeetMe Page (to schedule appointment) Campus Phone Extension
Natasha Maddox  Maysville  66162 
Mike McNutt Maysville  66145 
Melissa Bishop Maysville  66201 
Melissa Carroll  Montgomery 66514 
Tara Thornberry Maysville  66132 
Ann Flora Maysville  606 564-9992 
Patrick Zemba Maysville  606 564-9992 
Janet Garrison Maysville  66139 
Sharon Staviski  Rowan  66318 
Wendy Noble Maysville  66160 
Terry Pasley Maysville 66153
Jennifer Ouderkirk Rowan 66333
Rebecca Pugh Maysville 66121

Health Sciences

Name MeetMe Page (to schedule appointment) Campus Phone Extension
Debora Boone Maysville 66161
Tammy Burns TBD Maysville 66279
Deanna Butler Maysville 66230
Jeffery Callihan Rowan 66337
Dawn Greenfield Rowan 66331
Tara Mays Rowan 66361
Luanne Wilson Licking Valley  66441
Shannon Frodge Maysville 66149/66437
Rebecca Lightner  Maysville  66155 
Pamela Peeff Maysville 66144 
Tiffany Lawson Montgomery  66524 
Susan McDowell  Maysville  66252 
Melanie Morris Licking Valley  66440
Sally Parker Maysville 66257
Diana Reeder TBD Rowan 66363
Dr. Rhonda Sims Maysville 66137
Michelle Thoroughman Maysville 66277
Marlene Vice Rowan 66308
Vicki Haley-Rosser Maysville 66150
Mary Alice Prater Maysville 66509
Kelly Barnett Licking Valley 66418

Industrial Technologies

Name MeetMe Page (to schedule appointment) Campus Phone Extension
Tony Wallace  Rowan  66346 
Kenneth Barnett  Rowan  66336 
Robbie Graves  Maysville  66513 
Robert Hamm  Rowan  66373 
David Hatton  Maysville  66189 
Adam Hawkins Montgomery  66512 
Tyler Newsom  Rowan  66347 
Gordon Jones Rowan 66151 
John King Rowan 66332
Nicholas Pecco Rowan 66348
Brandin Perkins Rowan 66343
Matthew Porter Maysville 66159
Preston Netherly Rowan 66341