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MCTC Board of Directors Chairman Announces Retirement

September 20, 2019
by Brady Shultz

Maysville, KY – Maysville Community & Technical College Board of Directors Chairman, Charles Calvert announced his retirement at the college quarterly board meeting held on September 17.   

The announcement ends a twenty-four-year tenure as a board member, all of which he spent as the committee chairman.

Charles CalvertCalvert was nominated to the Board of Directors and voted chairman upon the retirement of his mother Jean Calvert in 1995. She had held the board chair position since the college was founded in 1967.  Jean and Charlie Calvert have served as the only two chairs for the MCTC Board of Directors.    

“The college and community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Charlie and the Calvert family,” says MCTC President Dr. Stephen Vacik. “They have dedicated over a half century of service to help us create better lives for our students,” Vacik added. “We wish Charlie the best as he embarks on his next great adventure.”

In his closing remarks as chair, Calvert encouraged the board to always remain a positive force for the mission of the college. “Remember to keep the student’s interests top of mind when making decisions,” says Calvert. “If you put the students first, you can never go wrong.”    

As outlined in the Board of Directors by-laws, board officers are elected annually at the September meeting.  Following nominations and a short discussion, Avi Bear of Cynthiana was nominated and elected to serve as the new board chair. Bear has served on the MCTC Board of Directors since 2005 and as Vice-Chair since 2013.  David Rhodes of Mt. Sterling was elected as the new Vice-Chair and Missy Stitt of Maysville was re-elected to serve as Secretary.

The MCTC Board also welcomed two new members recently appointed by the Governor’s office. Annette Walters and Lisa McCane, both Mason County residents, began their six-year appointment in September as well.  They will replace Nina Clooney of Augusta and Steve Zweigart of Maysville, both of whom provided long-term service to the college.  In addition, Dr. Rhonda Sims and Meredith Walters joined the board as new representatives of the MCTC faculty and student body, respectively.

A public reception will be held in honor of Charles Calvert on Friday, October 11 from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. at the College Café located in the Cox building in downtown Maysville.