An open letter to MCTC alumni from Dr. Laura McCullough | MCTC

An open letter to MCTC alumni from Dr. Laura McCullough

Dear MCTC Alumnus:

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to communicate with each of you as the president of Maysville Community and Technical College.

It seems that every day when I travel in the College’s service area, I meet MCTC alumni who are anxious to tell me about how proud they are to be among the thousands of individuals whose lives were influenced forever by their positive experiences on one of our campuses.

Whether they went to work immediately after earning a career credential or moved on to a four-year institution to enter a profession, each story is basically the same: MCTC helped them develop a foundation of self-confidence for the future.   

Each time I hear that my heart tells me that coming to this institution was absolutely the right decision for me. Further, those private conversations are inspiring to me daily as we face the challenges of making sure that MCTC will always be the best it can be.

I invite you to join me in showing your pride in this institution by displaying a sticker or window cling to show the world that you are an “Alumnus for Life”.

Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible, I am so pleased to be a part of your MCTC family.


Laura McCullough, 

President and CEO


To receive a free sticker or window cling from MCTC, please complete the online Alumni Registration form and indicate which image you wish to receive.