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McKee Named MCTC Student of the Month

March 4, 2021
by Brady Shultz

Photo of Kacee McKeeKacee McKee, a student in the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Program at the Maysville Campus of Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) has been named Student of the Month for March 2021.

McKee began college at MCTC in 2017 intending to enter the Nursing Program. However, a car accident and life-changing injury at the end of his first semester forced him to re-evaluate his plan.

The accident left Kacee paralyzed from the neck down with only minimal function remaining in his right arm. But he was still determined to earn his degree, so he and his family set out to find a new program and a plan to help him reach his goals.

Not only did they have to learn how he would perform daily tasks but also how to use special adaptive equipment that could help him complete his classes as independently as possible.

“Kacee works so hard just to complete something as simple as typing a paper, completing a discussion board or making it upstairs to our classroom,” says Instructor Rebecca Pugh. “But, despite any setbacks, Kacee has never missed a semester of college. He doesn’t complain, and has not once used the accident as an excuse,” she adds.  Pugh also notes that Kacee is often the first to volunteer, the first to answer questions in class and has been a big help to her personally, often offering assistance when it comes to the technology she uses in her classroom.

Teresa Conway, the Disability Service Coordinator at the college also comments on Kacee’s ability to help others. “He has been a wonderful resource for me, his knowledge of assistive technology and willingness to share has allowed me to assist other students with confidence,” she says.  

In addition to his studies at the college, Kacee also works at the Tom Browning Boys and Girls Club in Maysville.

McKee is scheduled to graduate in May and plans to use his degree and experience to work with kids with spinal cord injuries. We know Kacee will help and inspire them, just as he has everyone he’s touched here at MCTC. Well done Kacee. We look forward to seeing what your future holds!