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MCTC Campuses Host Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremonies

May 27, 2021
by Brady Shultz

Each Campus of Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) held drive-thru ceremonies to celebrate its most recent group of graduates.

The decision was necessary due to current COVID restrictions. But faculty and staff worked to ensure that each graduate received the recognition they deserved.

“This type of informal ceremony is not what we are accustomed to in academia,” says MCTC Interim President Russ Ward. “But I have to admit, we had a blast…and so did our grads.”

The graduates arrived with their family in their vehicle and in typical “drive-thru” fashion, progressed through line one by one while being recognized by the college Provost, receiving their diploma from the President and lastly pausing for a photo op. 

Despite the non-traditional ceremony, the college leader noted that the moment is no less significant to the lives of its newest alumni. “This a big accomplishment, especially given the situation of the past year. This was a unique way to celebrate and have a special moment with each of our grads,” Ward added.

Among the graduates in attendance were the four President’s Award of Excellence recipients normally chosen to speak at the traditional ceremony. Representing the class of 2021 are Licking Valley Campus – Allyn Stephens, Maysville Campus – Katie Gilbert, Montgomery Campus – Clay Cannon, Rowan Campus – Buddy Pennington.

This year, student addresses were pre-recorded and are now available for view on the college YouTube channel.

A total of 125 members of the graduating class representing a majority of the program offerings at the college participated in the four individual ceremonies held on each separate campus of MCTC. Combined with the 270 spring graduates the class earned approximately 350 degrees and diplomas.