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KCTCS uses VR experience to showcase high-wage, high-demand careers

August 10, 2023
Contact: Terri Giltner

Student using VR headset.The colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) are rolling out new virtual reality simulators across the state to attract and inspire Kentucky’s future workforce. 

The virtual reality (VR) program is part of the college system’s “College for the Real World” recruiting campaign targeting those looking to achieve a high-wage, high-demand career field through technical education programs at the 16 colleges of KCTCS.  

With the aid of VR headsets, prospective students can step into the shoes of professionals in diverse vocational fields, gaining firsthand experiences and insights that are unparalleled in traditional recruitment approaches.

Students using the VR headset will be able to explore a range of skilled trades, including robotics, welding, automotive technology, healthcare, construction, electrical work, and more. This immersive experience will enable them to engage with real-world challenges, make informed decisions about their educational paths, and visualize their future career opportunities.

Terri Giltner, Chief Marketing Officer of KCTCS, stated, "We're thrilled to introduce the use of virtual reality in higher education recruitment. It’s exciting to provide students with immersive experiences that bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application, while simultaneously addressing the growing demand for skilled workers across various industries.” 

KCTCS envisions this VR initiative as a game-changer for the education sector, redefining how students explore vocational education opportunities. The investment in VR technology aligns with KCTCS's broader mission to foster innovation in education while catering to the evolving needs of both students and industries.

As the world continues to embrace technological advancements, KCTCS remains at the forefront of educational innovation, embracing VR as a powerful tool to inspire and empower the next generation of skilled professionals.

For assistance with the program, KCTCS partnered with Transfr, an industry-leading platform provider of VR solutions for skills training and career exploration. The system consists of a headset and two hand-held controllers similar to the ones used in VR gaming. It is portable and can be easily deployed on-site at schools, career and college fairs, or anywhere recruiters might visit. 

Prospective students and industry partners interested in trying this new immersive VR experience are encouraged to contact their local KCTCS recruitment office.