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MCTC Culinary Arts Students Showcase Skills at the Kentucky Derby

May 19, 2023
by Mary Morris

Culinary students and instructors standing together for photo before packing to leave for derby.Maysville Community and Technical College culinary arts program students participated in the Kentucky Derby for the sixth consecutive year.

For five years prior, MCTC was the sole representative of culinary programs in Kentucky. This year they shared the honor with another program.

Participation in the food preparation at the Derby offers MCTC culinary students a unique chance to practice the skill sets they learn beyond cooking. They gain expertise in meal preparation, food handling, and restaurant maintenance. Students preparing large quantities of food at the Kentucky Derby.

Working alongside professional chefs and fellow culinary students from all over the country, the MCTC students gain valuable insights into producing food on a large scale while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Student preparing steak at the Kentucky Derby."Our program coordinator Chef Patrick Zemba pours his heart into this program so students can get the training they need to be successful," says Instructor Terrell Clark. "Students from MCTC stand out because of their experience running the College Café and Bakery. It prepares them for the real world."

For more information about MCTC's Culinary Arts Program, visit our program page.