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Fresh Start: MCTC Student Debt Payback Program

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The Fresh Start: Student Debt Payback Program is intended to help students who have previously attended MCTC, did not graduate, and want to come back to MCTC to finish their credential. Their prior debt to the college will be paid over time upon successful entry into the program and completion of the program requirements. This is not a student loan forgiveness program.

Who Qualifies?

  • Students who have not earned a diploma/degree.
  • Students who have a past due account balance of $2,000 or less.
  • Students who have not been enrolled with MCTC for a semester at the time of Fresh Start application.
  • Students who have a completed FAFSA for the current year with MCTC as the selected college.
  • Students who have a means to pay for future coursework through financial aid or other sources
  • Preference may be given to students who can complete their chosen credential within two semesters.
  • No more than one Return to Title IV payment currently owed.

What are the Program Requirements after being Accepted into the Program?

  • Regularly check and respond to emails from MCTC success team.
  • Complete a financial enrollment meeting with the business office.
  • Register for a minimum of six credits each semester (or whatever SAP approves) until credential is received. Summer requires a minimum of three credit hours (or whatever SAP approves).
  • Limit coursework to only those courses required for graduation.
  • Earn a minimum of a "C" grade in each course 
  • Meet all financial aid student and account balance requirements.
  • Meet monthly with a Success Coach.
  • Attend required tutoring sessions or other support sessions if recommended by instructor, coach, or advisor.

How is My Balance to MCTC Forgiven?

A student's balance with the college is forgiven in either increments of $500 per semester (or total amount owed if less than $500) based on the amount owed or the number of semesters it takes to complete a credential (diploma or associate degree). The final payment will equal the remaining balance when a student satisfactorily completes the Fresh Start Program. Some debt may be paid in full after one successful semester. Students must be enrolled at least part-time and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to remain eligible. Debt from other colleges will not be paid as part of this program.

Example 1: Student left MCTC owing a balance of $1,000 in 2017 and their account has been turned over to the Department of Revenue. Student returns to MCTC and enrolls as a full-time student. Student successfully completes the first semester. MCTC pays $500 of the student's past-due balance. Student enrolls for the next semester. At the end of that successful semester, MCTC pays the other $500 of the past-due balance.

Example 2: Student left MCTC owing a balance of $400 in 2016 and their account was not turned over to the Department of Revenue. Student returns to MCTC and enrolls in as a part-time student. Student finishes the diploma in with one semester. MCTC posts payment to student account to offset the $400 balance at the end of the semester.

Example 3: Student has balance due of $2,000 from Spring 2020. Student returns to MCTC and enrolls as a part-time student. Student continues to work successfully on their credential for 3 semesters. $500 is paid for two semesters on the balance and the last semester when credential is complete, the remaining $1,000 is paid.

*MCTC may “pay” balances through a scholarship or an Enrollment Management waiver, depending upon fund availability.


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