RN Program Point Sheet | MCTC

RN Program Point Sheet

Area I: Pre-Reqs (Points are given only after a grade is posted in PeopleSoft
Points Course Attempts/ Yr. Completed Points
2 BIO 137 Human Anatomy & Physiology I         /  
2 BIO 139 Human Anatomy & Physiology II         /  
2 BIO 225 Medical Microbiology         /  
2 PSY 110 General Psychology         /  
2 MAT (Quantitative Reasoning for A.S Degree)         /  
2 ENG 101          /  
2 Heritage/Humanities          /  
Area II: Grades in Biology & Math Courses
Points Math & Sciences Grade PLUS -In Person @ MCTC Campus Points per Course + In person
10/A (or) 5/B MATH 150   +3 Points  
10/A (or) 5/B BIO 137   +3 Points  
10/A (or) 5/B BIO 139   +3 Points  
10/A (or) 5/B BIO 225   +3 Points  

*Points for A/B grade given only if the A/B grade is only awarded for two attempts.
NO points for a third attempt will be awarded. If BIO courses have not been taken within the last five (5) years, these courses may need to be repeated

Area III: College GPA/Courses Completed at MCTC/Work/Military Experience(s)
College GPA   Work Experience/Prior/Active Military Duty    
GPA* Points Area: Points Experience
3.00-3.24 14 Healthcare Work 2 Healthcare Experience: NOTE: **
3.25-3.49 16 Military 2  
3.50-3.74 18      
3.75-4.00 20      
* Total:____+   Total:+____  
*GPA (12+ hours) from MCTC &/or KCTCS only
**Refers to direct patient care activities in an official healthcare setting with an HR Department minimum of 1 year. Documentation must be signed by supervisor/HR.
Area IV: (TEAS TEST) Test of Academic Skills
TEAS: Percentages Points Earned: Student Score
Exemplary 90.7% or higher 15  
Advanced 78.0% to 90.6% 10  
Proficient 58.7% to 77.9% 5  
Basic 41.3% to 58.6% Zero  

*If a 41.3% is not achieved on the first exam student may retake once to improve overall score. If a 41.3% is not achieved on second attempt student will not be considered as applicant to this year’s program. They may retest and reapply for the next year’s program.

Summary of Applicant Admission Points
Areas: Points:
Total* _____

*Total points based on coursework completed by March 1 deadline.