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Remote Student Services & Resources

MCTC may not currently be on campus but we are still here to help you adapt to changes in remote instruction and provide services and resources for staying healthy, staying in school and finishing the semester strong! You’ve got this!

Call the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center at 855-469-6282 for 24/7 help with Admission, Billing, Blackboard, Financial Aid, Passwords, Records and Registration.

You can also chat live with a support specialist online at:

  • If you have any questions about your classes, please contact your instructor. They are available via phone and email.
  • For help with Admission, Billing, Blackboard, Financial Aid, Passwords, Records and Registration, call the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center 24/7 at 855-469-6282.
  • Here is a quick reference guide of frequently called numbers so you can easily contact faculty and staff who are telecommuting at this time:

Current Students
Faculty advisors are available to help you register for summer and fall classes and are scheduling appointments via phone or email. Use the directory to self-schedule an appointment with your advisor:

If you don’t know who your faculty advisor is or need help scheduling an appointment, please contact Skylar Logan at 606-759-7141 ext. 66528 or via email at

New Students
Interested in attending MCTC this summer or fall? Our admissions team is available to help you complete the admissions process and register for your first semester of classes. You can schedule a phone appointment with an admissions specialist at the MCTC campus closest to you!

Licking Valley Campus
Lauren Mattox

Maysville Campus
Mollie Malone

Montgomery Campus
Skylar Logan

Rowan Campus
Emma Lawson

It is important to take care of your mental health during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. Daily exposure to news about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may result in a range of responses and some days could be rougher than others. If you have any concerns about your mental health or emotional well-being, please seek support.

To be connected with one MCTC’s counseling partners, please contact Teresa Conway at 606-759-7141 ext. 66319 or via email at All services are confidential.

Disability Support Services will continue to work with students to support them and ensure that they receive their approved accommodations. If you are concerned about any of your accommodations as they apply to remote learning, please contact Teresa Conway at 606-759-7141 ext. 66319 or via email at

Students interested in registering with Disability Support Services, please visit our website for information on steps to register:



You can still access MCTC’s library resources while working remotely. First login to MyPath and then choose the Maysville Library link. Here are some popular resources:

If you need any help, please Ask a Librarian:

You can now access 24/7 through your online MCTC classes. Depending on which version of Blackboard your instructor is using, you will find the link to in the main navigation bar or inside a content page. If you don’t see it, please ask your instructor so they can help. Professional tutors are waiting to help you!
  • Chat with a live tutor 24/7
  • Schedule an appointment for specific time
  • Submit a written essay for review and get feedback within 12 hours
  • Take practice quizzes.

Here are step-by-steps instructions on how to access in both versions of Blackboard (Please note that most faculty are using Regular Blackboard, not Ultra). - Regular - - Regular Tutorial - Ultra- Instructions Ultra Instructions

The Student Emergency Fund is available to help MCTC students overcome financial obstacles resulting from an unforeseen financial emergency that without assistance would prevent a student from staying in school. Award amounts are up to $500.

For more information and to apply for an award please visit our website:


Although MCTC’s on-campus Food for Thought Food Pantries are currently closed we are still committed to helping students access food for themselves and their families during this time. If you are in need of food, please contact LeAnn Myrick at 606-759-7141 ext. 663204 or via email at Our supply is limited but we will try to work with you to arrange a pickup in Maysville, connect you to resources closer to home or direct you to the Student Emergency Fund for help.

MCTC Success Coaches are here to help you succeed! Success coaches are your single point of contact and will collaborate across the college to help get your questions answered and problems solved.

Licking Valley Campus
Marty Muenks

Maysville Campus
Billie Barbour
Valerie Mullins

Montgomery Campus
Maggie Price

Rowan Campus
Maggie Price


MCTC Information Technology staff are available to help you troubleshoot problems with your computer, mobile device, Internet access and WiFi. For help, please email the MCTC IT Help Desk at

If you have Blackboard questions, please contact your instructor.

MCTC’s testing center is currently closed for placement testing and proctored exams. Please contact your instructor if you have questions about a class exam.
Veteran Services will continue to work with our active duty and veteran students to support them and ensure that they continue to receive their educational benefits. If you have questions concerning veteran benefits, please contact Millicent Harding-Thomas, School Certifying Official, at (606) 759-7141 ext. 66196 or via email at
We understand that now, more than ever, it’s critically important for you to have reliable access to the Internet. We are doing the best we can to connect you to the best options in your area and will update this section as new information is released.
  • WiFi @ MCTC: Students can bring a laptop or other mobile device and access MCTC’s WiFi from a parking lot closest to one of our campus buildings. Look for the new WiFi signs to direct you to the strongest signal. (Can you add a picture here?)
  • AT&T: In response to the public health crisis, AT&T is temporarily:
    • Offering two months of free service to new customers who order Access by April 30, 2020. $5/mo or $10/mo thereafter, depending on your speed.
    • Expanding eligibility based on income and to households participating in National School Lunch Program/Head Start.
    • Waiving all home internet data overage fees.
    • For more details, visit:
  • Spectrum Internet: MCTC students living in Rowan, Montgomery and Harrison counties can take advantage of special discounts from Spectrum, including:
  • Comcast/Xfinity:  Xfinity WiFi hotspots located in BUSINESSES and OUTDOOR LOCATIONS are available to anyone who needs them for free during the COVID-19 national emergency, including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers.