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Information Literacy

3. Use Voyager

After acquiring some basic information and making a list of keywords and phrases, check the library's online catalog, Voyager.

This is a joint library catalog database for all of the Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges System (KCTCS).



Learn How to Search in Voyager


The Voyager Help page will explain the various ways of searching for information to locate titles of books or other materials.

1. After you have read the Voyager Help page search for the following items as indicated. Click here to access Voyager .

  • search by Title: Three Cups of Tea

  • search by Author: John Grisham

  • search by Keyword: oil



Note the author, title, publisher, place of publication and date for each book. You will need this information for your assignment.


2. To narrow any search, click on Check holdings in a particular library and limit the search to any of the following ways:

  • Maysville CTC All,

  • Maysville CTC: Maysville Campus

  • Maysville CTC: Licking Valley Center;

  • Maysville CTC: Rowan.

As you limit each search the total number of results will change, according to what each campus library owns.