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Information Literacy

2. Background Info

Begin gathering basic information about your topic. The best sources to consult are general encyclopedias. The library at each MCTC campus has several sets of encyclopedias. Take your list of keywords to the encyclopedias in the Reference area of the library. Some examples are

  • Encyclopedia American REF/AE/5/.E333


  • Academic American Encyclopedia REF/AE/5/. A23

Tips to Remember:

  1. Always check the index first in any source you consult.

  2. The index is located at the end of the book or in the last volume in a multi-volume set of books.

  3. The index will list all the places that your topic will be found.

  4. Sometimes a topic will be discussed under several aspects.

The library has a collection of online reference electronic books in Credo Reference and Oxford Reference Online.

  • This reference database covers every major subject in over 300 reference sources.It features content from hundreds of reference books in a broad range of subjects.

  • Credo is a collection of reference sources at your fingertips.