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JumpStart Your College Career Tuition Free!


Headed to MCTC in the Fall? Get a JumpStart on your college career with classes this summer 100% tuition free!

Summer JumpStart classes are designed to help new students headed to MCTC the fall of 2020 get prepared for the changing college environment. The program is designed for high school class of 2020 as well as any new college student. If you've taken a break from your college career, but are planning on coming back fall of 2020 you may also qualify.  

This is an online 8-week course that begins on June 1, 2020 and ends on July 26, 2020.

A completed application to JumpStart is due by May 29, 2020.

So, what are you waiting for? JumpStart your college career now with MCTC!


CIT 105 - Intro to Computers or OST 105 - Intro to Information Systems
Both of these are introductory level courses, and are loaded with a ton of basic computer skills and techniques that we all use on a daily basis at school, home and work. Emerging technology requires us to constantly learn and adapt and either of the classes will get you on your way.

Course Includes:

  • Computer concepts - hardware, software, networks, internet, ethics
  • Using Windows and Apps
  • File management – where do I find files on my computer?  How do I get from here to there
  • Managing file folders to stay organized
  • Email – sending/replying to emails, attachments, signatures
  • Blackboard – learn to use Blackboard to be successful in future MCTC classes
  • ...and more!

FYE 100 - First Year Experience
The First Year Experience course will prepare you for success as a college student and connect you to programs, services and people here to help you!

Course Includes:

  • Program and career placement testing
  • Study skills and best practices
  • Organizational skills
  • ...and more! 

In order to be eligible for JumpStart scholarship, you must:

  • Be a new MCTC student (or returning after a lapse in attendance)
  • Meet eligibility requirements to enroll in classes
  • Register for both JumpStart summer classes (CIT105 or OST 105 and FYE100)
  • Be enrolled for fall, 2020 classes at MCTC 

Interested in learning more about the summer JumpStart program? Send us your information and one of our enrollment specalists will answer any questions you may have.