MCTC No-Show Policy | MCTC

MCTC No-Show Policy

Federal Student Aid can only be disbursed to students attending classes. If you fail to attend a 
class, MCTC is required to return the portion of funding you received based on your enrollment 
in that class. 

Faculty are responsible for reporting students who do not attend class within the first 7 days of 
the session. Students in online classes are reported as a not attending when the instructor 
determines the student has not successfully completed an academic related activity during the 
first 7 days of class. 

Remember: merely logging in to the class does not constitute attendance or academic 
contact. Consult your instructor for specific dates and academic requirements to ensure 
you have completed the necessary work to meet their attendance policy.

If you are a Federal Financial Aid recipient and you fail to meet these requirements, you are 
considered to be a “no-show,” and you will be removed from the class or classes reported. You 
will be notified once you have been removed from a course as a no-show. 

After the no-shows have been reported, you will have your aid adjusted to reflect the actual 
number of credit hours you are attending. MCTC will return that portion of funding back to the 
U.S. Department of Education. 

Only students that were reported in error will be allowed to be enrolled back into the class. If 
this situation arises, your instructor must contact the financial aid office in writing and request 
that you be reinstated. If reinstated, aid will again be adjusted based on your enrollment status 
and eligibility.