Portfolio Development

Portfolio development is a great and cost-effective method for obtaining college credit through Credit for Prior Learning. In pursuing the portfolio route for Credit for Prior Learning, the student only pays for the courses in which credit is awarded after the review process. The cost is $75.00 per course if and only if credit is awarded, compared to over $135.00 per credit hour plus books, this method could save students hundreds of dollars.

Completing a portfolio presents the student with a greater understanding of his or her accomplishments in addition to providing the student with a product that may be used for a multitude of professional endeavors. BIT 195 is an eight-week, low-cost (less than $45.00), on-line course that will help guide students in compiling a portfolio for Credit for Prior Learning or other professional opportunities. Please contact Robert Boone at 606-759-7141 ext. 66180 or for more information.

Portfolio Documents: