The needs of the local small agriculture and horticulture based businesses are high because they conduct the most important work in the world! Along with local extension agencies, educational institutions, and community organizations, Carrie Taylor helps to develop and sustain activities and projects that improve the work of these businesses and support educational initiatives throughout the counties we serve.

Individual or group projects are offered through Workforce Solutions, which includes the Entrepreneur Center. Small business development through site based visits and classes offered at the college, such as marketing and advertising are examples of how we can help new or established businesses.

Why we need Agriculture and Horticulture

In the News

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Community Projects

There are numerous partnerships that have been established within the local community that are vital links to the success of our community's well-being.

The Children's Crisis Center gardening project, the Mason County Hospice of Hope, and the Mason County Detention Centers Women's Horticulture Work Program are a few of these partnerships

The campus greenhouse is used for plant production and as an educational tool for growers. Future beautification and gardening projects will be developed between M.C.T.C and other non-profit organizations to promote positive agriculture and horticulture practices through projects within our community.

Recipe for a happier soul: plant, cultivate, and grow every day......