Maysville Community and Technical College offers services for students with disabilities through our Disability Support Services (DSS) Coordinators. DSS goals are to ensure equal access and full participation for persons with disabilities in post-secondary education as outlined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The process of receiving services through DSS involves a few simple steps:

All accommodations provided by DSS are based upon each students individual disability and current needs. All accommodations will be determined after a review of the official documentation of the disability and a one-on-one consultation between the student and DSS coordinator. Accommodations are not retroactive.

If you wish to apply for disability services, please contact a disability coordinator:

Teresa Conway
Maysville, Rowan and Montgomery
(606) 759-7141 ext. 66319

Marty Muenks
Licking Valley Campus
(859) 234-8626 ext. 66410