Registration for summer and fall courses is underway at Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) and students will notice something different about the course schedule. The college is implementing a four-day course schedule for the fall semester, switching three-day-a-week courses to longer time periods two days a week, so students can choose Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday courses.

Dr. Juston Pate, the colleges chief academic officer, said the idea came from looking at enrollment trends from previous semesters to see what days and times were the most popular for students. Our Tuesday/Thursday courses just about always filled before Monday/Wednesday/Friday courses, said Pate. And over time, we started trying to fit more and more courses into those two days to accommodate what the students wanted. A four-day course schedule allows us to build a schedule that works better for our students and our faculty.

Pate stressed that college will not be closed on Fridays and will maintain Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm office hours; and some academic programs will still have classes scheduled on Fridays. Programs like culinary arts and cosmetology will continue to have instruction on Fridays to meet the required contact hours. Many of the allied health programs will continue to use Fridays for off-site clinicals. The college is also looking at longer, Friday-only classes to meet the scheduling needs of incumbent workers.

In adopting the four-day schedule, the college has kept its primary mission to serve students front and center. Were simply working to build a course schedule around student needs, and for many of our students, they can only be on campus two days a week, said Pate. The three-day weekend allows students more time for work and family obligations, or for some, just an extra day off.

Fall classes begin August 17. To get started, complete the admissions application at and call Master Advising at 606-759-7141 ext. 66251 to schedule an advising appointment.