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MCTC to Offer Training Relief for Local Employers

June 25, 2020
by Brady Shultz

As part of COVID-19 relief efforts, Maysville Community and Technical College(MCTC) is providing additional support for employers.

For the period July 1 – September 30, 2020, KCTCS TRAINS funding can be used by Kentucky companies bringing back laid off or furloughed workers with 75% of the cost of college-delivered training and testing services covered.

Companies hiring dislocated workers may also take advantage of the funding for the same period of time. The training is not limited to any specific topic but must be completed by 9/30/20.

KCTCS-TRAINS is a fund designated by the Kentucky General Assembly to help companies willing to invest in workforce development for their employees. These funds are administered by the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and are available through its sixteen colleges including MCTC.  

Companies receive funding to assist with the cost of providing workforce training and assessment services to current and potential employees. Our Workforce Solutions staff will assist companies in developing training plans and applying for KCTCS-TRAINS funding.

To speak to someone about how your company can take advantage of the KCTCS TRAINS program, go to

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