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MCTC to Offer Fresh Start to Returning Students

November 20, 2020
by Brady Shultz

More than 1,000 Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) stop-out students are finding out this week about a new program MCTC hopes will persuade them to return and finish their degrees. The college is offering to pay up to $1,000 of their student debt if they do so.

The college has begun notifying over a thousand former students, who were in good standing but owe a past due balance and dropped out before completing their degrees, about the new Fresh Start: MCTC Student Debt Payback Program. The program offers to waive $1,000 of their existing student debt if they re-enroll and work towards finishing their degree.

Students who take advantage of the program will be required to enroll in at least six credit hours toward their degree or certification, apply for financial aid, meet all financial aid and account balance requirements, maintain a 2.5 grade point average and meet with the college’s success coaches as well as attend required tutoring sessions of other support services if recommended by instructor, coach or advisor. 

The program supports students likely to return if financial obstacles could be eliminated, Chief Enrollment and Student Services Officer Jessica Kern said.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic disruptions, many people are considering community college as a quicker, more affordable and local option for the degrees or skill training needed for getting a new job,” says Kern. 

“It’s a perfect time to offer some form of debt relief,” Kern said. “There are students who could really benefit by coming back and this is their chance.”

Students returning under the Fresh Start program also could also be eligible for additional financial aid that could defray their debt even more.

Kern adds that students drop out without finishing their degrees for any number of reasons. “Sometimes life just gets in the way, but we hope this program will be the right solution at the right time to help them return to MCTC and get back to the better life they were hoping for.” 

Former MCTC students interested in the Fresh Start program can find more information at