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MCTC Employees Attend Virtual Green Dot Certification Training

November 5, 2020
by Mary Morris

Sixteen employees from Maysville Community & Technical College attended a virtual Green Dot Certification Training from October 20-23.

Green Dot is a national program that teaches bystander intervention to keep schools and communities safe. Participants learn inclusive strategies to help prevent dating/domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault. A “Green Dot” is defined as any action, choice, word or attitude that counters an action of violence known as a “red dot”.

“Green Dot isn’t your average sexual violence prevention program that feels just like every other training you’ve had to do in this subject,” says MCTC staff member Jacob Wolfe. “It focuses on bystander intervention and shows people that no one expects you to do everything, but everyone needs to do something. I’m proud to be a part of this great initiative.” He added that the four-day training was very engaging.

The following employees who participated in this round of training are now certified to teach Green Dot bystander intervention to students and other employees:

Donna Besant, Teresa Conway, Mike Cooper, Tina Curtis, Gwyn Gallenstein, Debbie Gill, Christy Kissick, Dallas McKinney, Amanda Miley, Mary Morris, Angie Potter, Rhonda Sims, Jessica Sorrell, Millicent Harding-Thomas, Beth Weiss, Jacob Wolfe

“To be a part of the Green Dot training was an amazing experience,” says faculty member Tina Curtis. “Understanding that we can all use the strategies of direct, delegate or distract to diffuse a potentially violent situation is empowering. Thanks to this Green Dot certification, our students will get to take part in the Green Dot bystander intervention training.”

A federal grant received in 2019 has enabled MCTC to work with the Women’s Crisis Center of Maysville, Maysville Police Department and other organizations to implement this violence prevention strategy. Classroom presentations will soon be available to all MCTC students covering the basics of realistic bystander intervention methods.

“MCTC has such a dedicated group of individuals ready to share Green Dot content. From what I experienced in the training, I can already tell Green Dot will be a success on our campuses,” says Teresa Conway, College Counselor and Disability Support Services Coordinator.

Are you curious how you can get involved with the Green Dot initiative? Contact project coordinator Janel Miller at or 606-759-7141 ext. 66272.