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College Holds MCTC Cares Day 2020

January 30, 2020
by Brady Shultz

Maysville, KY – Maysville Community & Technical College is celebrating its first MCTC Cares Day which was held on Friday, January 24, 2020.

The college dispersed approximately ninety volunteers to twenty-five different community and non-profit organizations throughout its seventeen county coverage area for a service day.

Caring Campus VolunteersThe organizations served covered a wide spectrum of service to their communities providing opportunities to help various populations in the counties surrounding the four campuses of MCTC. Food pantries, animal shelters, clothing banks, cemeteries, hospice care and local schools were among the organizations chosen for MCTC Cares Day.

MCTC Caring Campus Day stems from the Caring Campus Initiative of which MCTC is a part. MCTC is among ten two-year colleges in the country selected to participate in the program launched last year in California by the Institute for Evidence-Based Change.

The Caring Campus Initiative is designed to help colleges develop a culture of caring and understanding in order to help students become more successful.

“The Caring Campus Initiative helps MCTC create a more welcoming, caring and inclusive environment for our students,” says Jessia Kern, Chief Officer, Enrollment and Student Services. “Ultimately, the goal of this approach is to help with our student retention and success.”

When the workgroup assigned to implementing the initiative college-wide began discussions, they quickly realized that for the process to be successful it needed to extend beyond students. The culture they were seeking needed to be reflected in how faculty and staff interacted with one another, across teams and even between campuses and at last the different communities which they serve.   

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