MCTC Offers Hemp Education Course for Spring 2020 Semester | MCTC

MCTC Offers Hemp Education Course for Spring 2020 Semester

December 17, 2019

Maysville, KY – Do to a growing interest, Maysville Community & Technical College is offering an Introduction to Hemp Production course this Spring. Farmers and the business community are expressing a need for more education related to growing hemp crops. MCTC seeks to provide the tools to cultivate this crop in Kentucky and increase healthier plants and yields.

Acela Bio Medical Inc. is a hemp processing facility located in Maysville, KY that supports increased learning options and the efforts of MCTC to meet the needs of the community in the hemp industry. As part of their mission to help rebuild the family farm, the business contracted with 120 local growers in 2019. Andrew Culbertson, CEO states, “Acela promotes the education of each farmer. In this new and daily evolving industry, education is the only way to survive.”

Carrie Taylor, Horticulturist and Workforce Solutions instructor at MCTC acknowledges that farming is a mixture of cyclical demands, which need to be consistently identified through business and industry as they evolve. “Many farmers who’ve grown tobacco and other crops in this region recognize the challenges that exist in nature. They understand there are basic science-based criteria that improve crop production.

Taylor also adds that after completing one year of growing in 2019, farmers have identified a need for more information relating to this crop. Growers and entrepreneurs have a diversity of training demands, so MCTC looks to fill that need with short term training in the near future. 

The class will encompass topics and issues benefitting growers and business professionals, focusing on foundational concepts and theories applied directly to field production and distribution. Other topics will focus on science-based concepts related to cannabis or hemp, such as: temperatures, sunlight, soil, and how these effect growing cycles, how the plant absorbs water and nutrients, and how these elements affect the plants chemical make-up and genetics.

There are no pre-requisites for the 12-week course beginning in January 2020, HRT 150, Business Management: Intro. To Hemp Production. Potential students can contact Mollie Malone, Admissions Consultant at: 606.759.7141 EXT. 66185 for more information.