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PN Program at Maysville Community and Technical College

Brandi G. McElfresh, student writer

Brenda Cropper is an instructor of health sciences at Maysville Community and Technical College. She is currently teaching clinicals and labs to the senior Practical Nursing (PN) students. Cropper has been with these students from the beginning of their program and has witnessed growth in the group. They have proven the promise they showed in the beginning, said Cropper.

Cropper states that many of the students were able to return to college due to the FIPSE grant that was awarded to Maysville Community and Technical College. The grant is affording returning students the stepping stones on their way to further their education.

Brenda Cropper is a graduate of Maysville Community College. She graduated from the RN program in 1991. Cropper was a member of MCCANNS, the nursing student organization, and was awarded for high academic achievement. She believes that a degree in nursing will allow great opportunity to find a job or career anywhere. Croppers advice to all incoming nursing students is simple. Go into the field of nursing for the right reasons. She believes that being a nurse requires a deep involvement in peoples lives. You have to give of yourself to patients and their families in times of crisis. If you give of yourself, you get back from the patient tenfold, states Cropper.

For more information on the PN program at Maysville Community and Technical College, or to inquire about FIPSE grant qualifications, please contact the college at (606)759-7141. Information is also available on the Maysville Website.