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MCTC Culinary Program Celebrates New Home and Library

image of Barb Campbell, Dr. JoAnne Young, Ann Flora and President Ed StoryThe culinary students at Maysville Community and Technical College will be showcasing their delicious talents even more thanks to a new location and a very generous donation.

The Cox Building, located at 2 East Third Street in downtown Maysville, was dedicated on Friday, September 7, as the new home for MCTCs Maysville Institute of Culinary Arts.

The 6,000 square foot space consists of a classroom, kitchen and lab area, caf kitchen, a space for The College Caf to be opened in the near future, and the recently opened College Bakery.

The College Bakery, serving a tempting array of cookies, cupcakes, brownies, scones, and other varieties of sweet breads, is open Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m., Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m, and is closed on Mondays.

A special ceremony was also held to announce The Christine Lovas Collection. Lovas daughter, Dr. JoAnne Young, donated more than 3,000 of her mothers cookbooks and culinary publications to the institute in honor of her mothers love for the culinary arts.

Mother really did use her books and magazines, said Dr. Young. She read them like some of us read novels and was very interested in the culture, history and social issues that they incorporated. Some of the books also represent a mini personal history. In many you will find annotations about people, places and events associated with the book. There may even be a record of special meals and family events. To see this collection set throughout the institutes learning spaces just feels right. Cooking to Mother was a joy to share. My son and I hope this collection will continue to bring joy and learning to others.

The collection is housed within the institute.

This library of culinary print items is one of a kind and these books and journals will allow all culinary students a resource that is unmatched, said MCTC President Ed Story. To have this library housed where students are learning is to be envied by any student in any discipline. Our college is so appreciative to Dr. Young for her continued interest in our program.

For more information about the Maysville Instituteof Culinary Arts contact 606-759-7141, extension 66120.